Your thoughts on compatible toners

loraleeOctober 23, 2013

I have an OKI DATA C5500 printer.

When I need quality work printed I use the laser. The rest of the time I use my HP, which is not water proof.

Golly, these toners are expensive. I replace 2 earlier this year and now its time for some more.

Has anyone experienced the use of compatible toners? Whats your opinion. The new ones are twice as much as a compatible. But, I do need true colors when printing.

I see my drum life is now down to 58%. Most likely when they go I will not replace them and just go with a desk jet printer.

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"If getting consistent and reliable results matter to you more than getting the cheapest price, you will want to look to a name brand compatible instead. Brands typically take ownership of the quality level of the product, often down to the level of specifying what components and toner powder are used for their particular models. They do this of course because they are building and protecting a brand image based on some set of values they offer their customers."

It's a good read to start with.

Read more:

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What's the nature of the use, personal or business? If business, I would think that getting quality output matters more than the cost?

Can you use an external service for your color printing (FedEx Office, UPS Stores, Mailboxes Etc) or is the frequency or volume too high? Their prices are usually pretty reasonable and they're easy to use. Most of them have the higher volume commercial color laser printers that produce excellent results in a variety of formats and from a variety of input sources (internet download, files on thumb drives or CDs, etc).

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Thank you for sharing your opinions. I will check out the website posted too.

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