Pasta Express?

catsmom6January 19, 2006

I just saw a commercial for the Pasta Express, the kind you just pour boiling water into. Does anybody know anything about them? It's a pretty weird concept.



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I've googled that new gadget and it seems that RV'ers and campers and the like have used this method for a long time with a regular thermos. Same concept involved. I think it would be great for camping or RV'ing because you don't need a large pot, only a tea kettle for heating the water. Saves space. I want to buy one! It is so new though that I haven't seen any reviews on it.

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The concept works for rice pasta: boil the water, turn off the heat, and let the pasta sit in the water for several minutes.

I find that many of these as-seen-on-tv cookware gadgets start appearing in malls after a few months, at a reduced price. If I see one for $9.99 or less I'll buy it, and let you know how it works :)

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I wonder if this product makes the noodles clump together. I have learned my lesson when buying these sorts of gadgets from TV. IMHO, it's much easier to return something to a local store if the product was too good to be true than it is to return it from a site online.

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Spegetti releases starch into the water when cooked and that is what causes the clumping together. You need plenty of water to keep it from sticking.

I just don't see how this product would cook larger pasta like spegetti (IMHO.)


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