Le Creuset Clearance!!! (And Tramontina impressions)

shear_stupidityJanuary 28, 2013

Gah! I picked up some bakeware for 75% off of the "already low" Marshall's price yesterday! I can't wait to use it! People, check your local Marshall's, TJMaxx, etc... Also, I bought the Tramontina (WalMart) 6 qt dutch oven, and their Mulit-Cooker yesterday. Returned the Mulit-Cooker today because it had MULTIPLE flaws. The bottom had "chips" missing... as though gouged with a hammer... though no other signs of use, the handle on the steamer basket was cock-eyed, etc. When I got home, I realized that the dutch oven has "drip marks" where the enamel "bled," and there are two white spots on the red pot where there's no enamel at all. Not worth it, IMO. I'd rather pay once and have it forever than waste my time and money trying to use this sub-par stuff. Just my opinion.

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That's a great price on Le Creuset, congrats !

AVOID WALMART. shop local.

We are losing many cookware stores. I like to handle cookware before buying. I have bought colanders and electrics from an online store but prefer to buy from a actual shop for all other kitchenware. I like browsing and talking to the clerks about quality. I need to lift what I buy.

walmart does not pride itself on quality, it is a CORPORATE FEEDLOT, that's why the trolleys are so big. And if you fill them up you'll get big too. It promotes excess, quantity over quality.
just my .02 cents. walmart will eventually be bulldozed, just like the malls.

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