My TWO boxes arrived - from Katiec

teresa_nc7July 8, 2011

Just wanted to let Katie know the boxes had arrived safely!

News and pics at 11..... LOL!

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So it's only 7 PM.....I'm early!

My swap boxes from Katiec arrived at my office today (where I always have my goodies sent) and believe me it was very, very hard to wait until I got home at the end of the day to open them up!

Katie sent a lovely card and a nice letter along with her wonderful gifts. And she included some nice magazines featuring the sights of her part of Northern Idaho - one part of the country that I have never seen.

In box #1: a SET of wonderful huckleberry food items, jam, syrup, and a box of huckleberry filled chocolates - now, how did one of those chocolates go missing?????

And in box #2: a cookbook from the area, Idaho Panhandle Favorites by the Priest River Happy Agers, Inc. with recipes for hard cider, Block Party Beans, and Corn or Rye Hooch among others. (Sounds like those Agers like to party!) Also the local magazines, good reading tonight. And a piece of Sondahl pottery, a double condiment bowl for salsa and sour cream, tea bags and sugar, or celery sticks and dip. It is a lovely shade of pale green and will go well with my other pieces of pottery.

Such splendiforous gifts, Katie! Thank you! Thank you! I love, love everything! And will think of you each time I use these delightful gifts.


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I've been the recipient of one of Katie's Huckleberry products and I have to say it is one of my favorite berries now, with a distinctive flavor. Om nom nom! Oh yeah and I've gotten some pottery as well, a beer chicken roaster. You are in for a treat with all those goodies.

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Awesome presents! But then again I am hooked on huckleberries. Very thoughtful and nice box of goodies. Glad that worked out so nicely.


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Glad everything made is safely, Teresa. Did they both come the same day? Wow...I had them mail the berry box nearly a week before I mailed the rest. Hopefully those chocolates didn't melt into a puddle on the way. I hope you enjoy everything.

And the tourist books were from our Chamber of commerce and are packing. Yes, packing!

Katie, who's anxiously watching for this year's berries to turn.

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Yes, they both arrived on Friday morning, Katie. Only one piece of chocolate succumbed to the heat. The others are now history. I really like the huckleberry flavor - I love the tartness of it. After I posted the pics, I looked closer at the card you sent to see the huckleberries in the artwork on the card.

This morning I tried the jam on a yeast roll - major yummy! Thank you again!


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What a great package! I love the double condiment piece. It's beautiful. Local cookbooks are awesome and so are local mags! Let us know if you ever make the booze ;) Great job Katie!

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Wow good timing that both boxes arrived on the same day.

Lots of goodies for Teresa to enjoy. I know how much Teresa loves pottery so that lovely little condiment dish will, I'm sure, be used often.


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I can see the condiment dish getting a lot of use - I love things like that, that make a table special. I've never had huckleberries, but I liked the Huckleberry Hound cartoon, and so they must be good. Was that cartoon set in Idaho? I remember that Yogi Bear was his friend from Jellystone Park, and so I thought it might be near Idaho. I'm sure you will enjoy the books.


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What a nice local gift box, Katie, good job.

Enjoy all the nice huckleberry stuff, I'm thinking waffles with that syrup. too bad about the chocolate, though, it would be a shame to have to give up even one.


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What a great package! I have a very similar piece of pottery that I got at a craft fair probably 30 years ago. I use it so often -- two kinds of jams, salsas, olives & pits, pickles, mustards... Teresa, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do.

So what do huckleberries taste like? I've never had one.

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What nice packages. My Grandmother used to make huckleberry jelly every year.
Hope you enjoy them.

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I've never had a huckleberry. Are they sweet?

The serving dish is so versatile. You can use it for so much.


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