My strange Kitchenaid mixer question....

momto1January 5, 2006

O.K., many years ago I bought a Kitchenaid mixer at a resale shop. It was white (of course) with a glass bowl. It's been in great working order for many years now but this past year has started to fall apart, so dh bought me a red Artisan model for Christmas (yah!) It came with a stainless bowl, but my glass bowl also fits my new one. Would you keep the glass bowl, or give it away (to Salvation Army) with the rest of the older unit? I think the glass bowl is very cool looking just because it's so old, but am wondering if there is a real reason (cooking wise) to use the glass bowl instead of the stainless. Not all the time, but is it sometimes better to beat in a glass bowl instead of stainless?

Thanks for the help.....

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Keep the glass bowl, you'll find you need two bowls more often than you realize, right now.

If the old mixer is falling apart, just throw it in the trash, they can't fix it, and it cost them money to dispose of all the junk they get.


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One can never have to many quality mixing bowls in the kitchen! Keep it....

Or, if it's REALLY old...sell it on E-bay as "vintage" KA. Won't matter if it's not working right...somebody will buy it for a retro decorating look.

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I'd keep it! I can't tell you how many times I wished I had a second bowl when I'm using my Kitchenaid mixer!! : )

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I want a second bowl everytime I make a cake with frosting. The cake batter bowl and beaters are in the dishwasher and I have to handwash it for the icing.
Or when a cake requires beaten eggwhites, a second bowl would be very handy.

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Thanks everyone,
O.K, you've convinced me, I'll keep it!!!!

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Yes, and keep the mixer also!

My Hobart repair shop still repairs those old beauties. You should try your nearest Hobart shop. They are the ones who built your old mixer.

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Hey there, my mum has a old Kitchenaid Mixmaster and has always wanted to find a replacement bowl. If you'd be interested in selling it I'd love to buy it for her- it would make her day!!

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