Anyone know the secret to cleaning this?

ritaweedaJanuary 5, 2011

My DH bought me that wonderful All-Clad 12-quart stockpot with the colander insert and the steamer basket. I made spaghetti tonight and to my horror, it stuck in there like crazy and was a terrible chore to clean. Am I not supposed to drain the pasta ahead of time before I use it? Am I supposed to immediately dump it out into a platter/casserole, etc.? This is a wonderful pot but what a pain!

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I boil the pasta in water in a large pot and then drain in a very old cheap plastic strainer in the sink. So I don't understand what you were doing. Cooking the pasta in the colander? I've never done that.

Try Barkeepers Friend for cleaning.

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This large pot comes with a wire mesh insert that goes down inside the pot, you cook the pasta or potatoes, whatever with the insert in the pot, then when you are finished cooking, you lift up the insert to drain it. Yes, I've used the same method you use for 40 years, my DH thought this would be nice to have.

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Hmmm, check out the Cooking Forum and ask. Wish I could help more!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cooking forum

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Yes, rita, you should not let the pasta sit to long in the colinder. Once the majority of water has drained, put it in the serving dish you are going to use or the pot with the sauce. The small amount of water that is still on the pasta won't alter the flavor of the sauce. NancyLouise

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Just like noodles left in any colander will turn into a sticky ball, if left in the wire mesh basket for any length of time it will turn gunky. It will just be a lot harder to clean off the wire mesh than the plastic or enamel of a colander. I would recommend using a lot of hot, soapy water and a stiff brush. Soak first and the starch left from the noodles should dissolve making the cleaning job easier.

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Did you cook the pasta, then lift it out of the pot with the strainer/insert and dump the water....then put the pasta and the strainer with the heat on back into the pot?

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