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chitownfifiJanuary 9, 2005


I am putting together my wedding registry and I need a litle help on my sizing. Like many others, the sets just didn't have what I think I'll need. I never cook less than four servings and as the years go on, I plan on doing a lot of entertaining (my mom passed away in 2004 at only 51 and as the only child, I will be taking this over...I have a big Italian extended family). Anyway, here is what I am thinking so far. I'd also like to know if this seems comprehensive...and by the way, I am not averse to heavy cookware. Lastly, I am getting rid of all of the junk I own now (brutal hand-me-downs) besides one loaf pan.

So here it is thus far...what advice would you give your daughter???

All-Clad 6 qt SS saute pan with lid

All-Clad 4 qt SS sauce pan with lid

All-Clad Non-Stick 12" frying pan

All-Clad SS Large Roaster with Rack & Lifters

All-Clad SS Lasagna Pan

All-Clad 12 qt SS Multipot with pasta & steamer insert

Le Creuset Double-Sided Grill & Griddle (spans 2 burners)

Le Creuset Oval Oven 9 1/2 qt

Le Creuset Wok (or might go with a cheap carbon steel)

Kuhn Rikon 8 qt Pressure Cooker

I think I am ok with what I chose for bakeware...

Thanks in advance!!!

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Get a cheap carbon wok. I own the Le Creuset and it takes for ever to get hot enough for use. Also, you don't need the All Clad pasta pot. A cheap one will work just as well.

I personally like the All Clad bakeware because they don't have rolled edges. The flat edges are great for me because all my rolled edge pans have rusted under the edge.

Good luck!

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I would add the steamer and double-boiler inserts for the 4qt saucepan, and probably a 3qt saucepan as well. There are times when a smaller saucepan is useful for big meals -- gravy, sauces etc. And those smaller steamer inserts can't be beat for steaming veggies. You don't need All-Clad for this -- it's overkill for a steamer IMO -- but if storage is a premium it's nice to have them fit in your other saucepans.

I agree with the previous poster about the pasta pot and wok.

Also, have you lifted the LeCreuset 9.5 qt dutch oven? I ask this because I'm looking for cookware, have virtually identical requirements to yours, and I was shocked. I'm definitely not adverse to heavy cookware but I'm not sure I could lift that when filled with a stew. You might want two smaller dutch ovens instead.

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If weight is not an issue, you might want to consider a Le Creuset lasagne pan (be sure to specify that it must be the iron one, not the ceramic ones they also make). We have lots of AC SS and Le Creuset and for lasagne, I much prefer the LC, since it keeps the food hot forever, unlike the AC. Just a thought.

Good luck!


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