Electric grills

margadJanuary 15, 2005

We are thinkingof getting an electric grill. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated

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Do you mean the kind of grill that has a top and bottom like George Foreman?

If so, make sure the plates are removeable -- Foreman has a model like that. I have a Hamilton Beach one with removeable plates that is fine. Cuisinart has a one that also doubles as a panini maker -- It's about twice as much as the Foreman or Hamilton Beach.

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I just bought the George Foreman "The Next Grilleration" grill with removeable plates at Walmart for $49.99. I love it. But Bed Bath and Beyond sells a larger version for $99.99 and it includes features like grill temperature and a timer. I have noticed that even after a couple of weeks the non-stick coating on the grill is wearing off in a tiny area. The non-stick surface of the larger grill seemed heavier. This is one great appliance that makes the messy cooking of meats a lot easier. I read on another forum to get a couple of paper towels wet and then to lay them between the grills, close the grill, and then the gunk just soaks off the surface while you eat. Please let us know what you do!

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