Non stick surfaces

socksJanuary 20, 2007

I'm not that crazy about non-stick pans, but I like to make crepes, and I'd like a non-stick for this purpose.

Is there a difference between the Dupont non-stick and the Analon finishes? Is Anolon just another version of non-stick surfaces?

I'm looking at pans on Amazon.

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I think it depends on which Anolon cookware you are looking at. Amazon is not very specific about which nonstick is on the less expensive cookware.

Anolon Advanced and Titanium use DuPont Autograph, which is their best nonstick coating.

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Deepwater, can you explain by what you mean "their best nonstick coating"? Do you mean it's the safest or longest lasting? Thanks for your help.

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You caught me Chickster... what I really meant was that it is the one Dupont lists on their website as the best. It usually means longest lasting. I'm not really an expert, but have read enough to know that multi-layer coatings and a more carefully prepared substrate are claimed to make the nonstick last longer.

Here are a couple of links you should read:

Here is a link that might be useful: Dupot Autograph

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