Flaw in discounted Le Creuset ?

Frankie_in_zone_7January 12, 2010

I'm looking at a Le Creuset round oven at Tuesday Morning that's at a pretty good price. But on the interior there are 3 small black dots. They are not chips--are actually slightly raised and smooth and shiny.

Are these more likely to be a serious flaw in the finish and a source of chipping, or some kind of drip or change in color that is still part of a good finish and just a flaw since there are dots on the creamy interior?

Obviously I could live with just colored dots but if the finish will not hold up, I would just hold out for another item.

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Sorry for double post--the first one didn't show up for some time so I thought I had not hit submit.

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I would take a pass on that pot. Because the dots are raised, they will interfere when you are trying to saute onions, or the like. And as you say, they could end up becoming chips.

Instead, buy a Le Creuset pot at a Le Creuset outlet store. I am linking below a list of the stores. Not only are the outlets' prices very discounted, but they also have sales several times a year, and you can get even more $ off. The selection is as vast at a LC outlet store as Bloomingdale's. If instead you try the Tuesday Mornings, or TJMaxx or something like that, the color and size selections are very limited, and the pieces are often damaged, as you have found. I bought a LC 5.5 qt. round oven at an outlet store (they had a sale for 20% off already discounted price), and I need my glasses to see the "flaw", a tiny dot on the lid. I chose the "Dijon" color (love the sunny yellow; it seems sooo french) out of the many colors there. Also, the salespeople at the outlet stores are very helpful. Why shouldn't you get the color and size YOU want, rather that something found bottom-of-the-bin?

You just missed a sale at the outlet stores for 35% off already discounted prices (it ended Dec. 31). If you do go to an LC outlet store, request to be put on their mailing list. That way you will get the postcards that announce when they have these amazing sales.

Here is a link that might be useful: Le Creuset Outlet Stores

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Thanks, shannonplus--I did pass it up.

I have actually been to or near the San Marcos outlet malls several times in the past year and never went in the Le Creuset outlet there before because it was not on my radar screen--it was before I got interested in trying Le Creuset. Drats! But after reading and learning a lot from these posts and doing some comparison shopping, maybe on my next trip I will be more prepared, if the right piece comes along.

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