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CMD123January 2, 2013

I have been using Revere ware copper clad cookware for 30 years and would like to upgrade to an easier to maintain, stainless steel multilayer brand. I have looked at Cuisanart and all clad. Can anyone provide some advise? Is the allclad worth the extra cost? I don't like non stick materials, but don't like the pots to look grubby or be impossible to clean. I cook on a gas stove.

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I like Caphalon. I think All-Clad is overpriced and I don't like the long handles. I have some Cuisinart but not the multi-ply, and it's cheap imo, but good enough for vegetables. You can find all three at Marshall's. I only see Calphalon there occasionally, but I was lucky to find a 2.5 qt. saucepan for $40 and a 6 qt. stockpot for $50. It's very heavy, the handles have three rivets, and it cooks and cleans up beautifully.

The Cuisinart Green Gourmet is great for a non-stick skillet. It's ceramic coated. Ours is going strong after three years of daily use. We have the 8" omelet and only use it for eggs.

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Kirkland (Costco)brand is just as good for far cheaper.

Myself I do not particularly like stainless and I opted for a couple cast iron pans, and a couple of Mineral Steel pans made by Debuyer as far as pans/skillets go.
They work great, totally nonstick and will last 2 lifetimes and get better with age and cost far less. As far as easy to keep clean, they are just as easy to clean as non stick cookware, can usually just wipe it with a paper towel.
They are not "pretty" like shiny stainless or copper but they are meant to be functional.

For pots I opted for enameled cast iron Le Creuset 3 3/4 qt "multipot" which has a 10" skillet as the lid and a 2 1/2 qt of the same and I bought a 8Qt oval enameled cast iron dutch oven from Costco for $79 made in France and looks and works just as good as the Le Creuset that cost $400+. Enameled cast iron is also very easy to maintain and clean, just wait until they cool down a bit and put them in the sink and fill with hot soapy water and let sit while you eat. Everything falls right off and cleans up very easy with a wipe of a blue scrubby sponge. Properly taken care of will also last 2 lifetimes, so the cast iron, enameled cast iron and mineral/carbon steel are all lifetime, buy it once cookware. I just wish I had bought them 30 years ago is all.

Other than that I also cook A LOT on my 2 burner carbon steel Griddle and have a 14" carbon steel WOK.

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