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ravencajun Zone 8b TXOctober 7, 2011

since there have been so many threads lately about firefox and the fast updates etc thought this info might be helpful to understand what is happening and how you can make changes.

"All the updates to Chrome 14.0.835.202 are delivered to users by way of Google's silent update mechanism. The silent update occurs in the background and does not require any user action in order to occur. It's a method that keeps Chrome users current, as Google continues its rapid release cycle of updates.

In contrast, users of the Mozilla Firefox browser need to click something in order to update their browser. With Mozilla's recent shift to a rapid release cycle of their own, silent updates are set to soon debut in Firefox as well.

Unlike Chrome, where the silent updates are required, the new silent update mechanism in Firefox will be available as an optional component, according to Mozilla.

"It doesn't need to be installed, and if it is stopped or disabled, updates will work as they did before in every other recent Firefox release," Mozilla developer Brian Bondy blogged. "A user can also uninstall the Firefox service at any time. Updates will continue to occur using the old method."


Google Silently Updates Chrome as Mozilla Preps


Mozilla Firefox and silent updates

"Mozilla's rapid release process allows us to deliver features, speed optimizations, memory reductions, and much more... faster. Keeping up to date fast is an essential need for the ever changing web.

There is a new release of Firefox every 6 weeks instead of every year. Even with this shortened release cycle, these releases still include major enhancements. These faster updates are possible because Mozilla is growing significantly, and the community of Mozillians at large is growing month over month.

The rapid release process has some very positive side effects, like delivering new web technologies faster, and attracting world class developers who like to see their code ship fast. But rapid releases also have some negative side effects.

One of the negative side effects is that minor annoyances with software updates suddenly become much more noticeable. Most users don't want to think about software updates nor version numbers and now they are being forced to do so every six weeks."

more at the link provide including how to for the silent updates.

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Thank you Raven.

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Yes, thanks for always keeping us informed. I depend on this forum a lot and it is so appreciated.

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Keeping up with all the updates with a dial-up connection must be a nightmare. Windows, web browser, antimalware, antivirus, it never ends. I have slow "out in the country" DSL and have turned off most automatic updates.

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