Combining Multiple Favorites on Multiple Browsers W/O Duplication

mxyplxOctober 24, 2011

I have 3 browsers with favorites or bookmarks, whatever, not necessarily duplicated, not all the same, some are old enough to vote.

Looks like there's a program that can combine the favorites/bookmarks from multiple browsers into one list detecting duplication (AM-Deadlink). Anybody tried it? Any reason I shouldn't? Is there one better?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I use xmarks on all of my computers it will ask you if you want to merge all the bookmarks from your various computers as you add it to each computer, if you want all of them to have exactly the same bookmarks say yes get your bookmarks all set up as you want them in xmarks. then once that is done go to one computer and you can run your AM deadlink it will tell you the bad links and doubles etc, fix it as you want on that one pc, when it is finished then tell xmarks to sync up and it will then change all of the computers and your master list on xmarks site to match that pc.

Xmarks creates a personal webpage for you with all of your bookmarks listed so you can access your bookmarks from any pc anywhere by accessing your page.
anytime you change or add a bookmark on any pc that you have synced through xmarks it will make the same change on all your others as soon as you sync them.

It is an amazing little program and works for most all browsers, just be sure to select the proper one for the browser you are using.

the reviews on am deadlink are varied for some it does exactly what they want others don't like it as well, I used it years ago to get rid of some old links and it worked ok. There are a few other options out there that do similar.
You did not mention which browser you are using so I can't list any not knowing that.
I would also be sure to check your browser version and make sure that am deadlink says it still works on that version especially firefox, I am not sure they are still updating am deadlink.

Here is a link that might be useful: xmarks

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That's quite a write up; Thankyou ; I'll get on it directly.

Now I'm afraid that if everything gets organized I won't be able to find anything.:-)

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