Small convection/speed oven - Miele or Thermador?

kris680October 29, 2013

As part of a kitchen redesign I want to include a small oven. I intend to use it truly as an OVEN (not primarily as a microwave). I'm looking at:

- Miele 24" Speed Oven (convection and microwave),
OR the
- Thermador 24" Masterpiece (convection, steam or a combination of both).

Anyone have either of the above? What do you like? What don't you like? Are there other small ovens I should consider? Any feedback would be most appreciated.

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I'm also looking at a these as well (as a second smaller oven). For me, since a microwave feature is hardly ever used and never to really cook in, I expanded my search to include the steam convection ovens too. I have looked at the Miele Speed and their newer Steam / Convection or Combi Steam oven (not the regular steam oven) and currently they are at the top of my list because of the added broil element and the ability to control the separate functions. I'm not settled on them yet but the added broil function would make them more usable for a regular oven for me. The new Wolf steam convection is a little larger inside and has the water reservoir on the exterior like the new Miele, but it lacks a broil function. I like the looks and finish out of the Wolf better (it is a 30" and not a 24") but I can't get past the functionality of the added broiler that the Miele would have.

The Thermador also has the steam convection but the older style water reservoir behind the door that also makes the cavity smaller, but again, no broiler. I like the styling of it and they even have a new Professional version that matches their 30" Professional single oven better. I also looked at the Electrolux Speed oven, but besides lacking a broiler, it has less control over the separate functions (without not including the microwave function if I've read it correctly) than the Miele. But it gets great reviews and gas a popular following here. The Gaggeneau Steam Convection would be considered by many to be the best contender, but for me, the plumbing requirement plus their price as well as their modern styling, put it out of the running. I also saw that Bertazonni had a speed oven but had more microwaved combined functions instead of separate. And I knew that Viking had a speed oven at one time but believe that was discontinued plus of their current in limbo status, did not want to go there. I also need to have this smaller oven on top of a regular oven that would be the same manufacturer or blend. Speaking of that, many are happy with the GE Advantium and one creative poster installed one (euro handle) over a Wolf E series oven which looked great. For me, this was primarily a microwave even though you could have some control over the features separately. The Advantium has quite a few models but is either a 27" (120 volt only and less functionality) or a 30", so don't know if your 24" is your max size or not. They have the Profile series which is currently going thru design changes right now and they have their Monogram series (which has a Euro and a Professional style).

I don't know if you have additional requirements like needing to match a single oven, max 24" size, matching or coordinating with another brand or handles or need under counter installation, or if this is your only oven. You might include other requirements so others could guide you better.

I searched individually for reviews on these ovens and most say they use their Speed or Steam Conv ovens more than their regular oven. And I have read some of the manuals for all of the cooking modes with descriptions of where the heat comes from and details like clearance and ventilation issues (like I just read on another post about the new Miele Steam Convection oven that required additional ventilation inside the cabinet I believe they said. I'll look that up and see how my installation can accomplish that as I have no adjacent cabinet..Haven't read that one yet). For me, I like that the Miele has several handle options (a choice of 4 or 5 I believe) because if I go that route, I'd like a more traditional handle (than they offer) which I've got something in mind for that. Thermador also can have the choice of the Masterpiece or Professional handle for their Black glass Masterpiece Steam Convection oven, if that is a consideration for you.

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