Waffle Baker - Not Belgian

snowbabyJanuary 9, 2005

Can anyone recommend a waffle baker that isn't intended for Belgian waffles? I know there are lots of them for sale, but I hate to just take pot-shot.

Thank you!

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My son gave me this waffle maker from Williams-Sonoma a few years ago. I made waffles on Sunday mornings, (and he ate them). I'm very pleased with it. Now that all the kids are gone, I don't do it as often, though I will make them for a light supper sometimes. I love waffles.

I've always had a waffle maker, usually one like the Black and Decker or whoever made this style before. I'm a waffle maker snob, but not belgian waffles.

Good luck.

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Thank you, momj47. It's nice to hear that there is another waffle maker snob out there!

I had a Black & Decker for 22 years. It finally just got so yucky that we tossed it.

Do you feel that your new waffle maker is any faster than a B&D?

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Purchased a Villaware waffle maker from Amazon this past year. Read all the reviews and the most negative seemed to be with its ear-piercing beep when it is ready. Decided to take a chance on it, and the beep is definitely loud but at least we won't forget something is in it! So far it has made waffles that meet my DH's desires, as he eats more of them than I do. It is a good size for storage and stands on end. Sorry, don't remember the model #.

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I think the Villaware waffle maker may be a little slower than my old one. It has a good heat selection, I keep it in the middle and the waffles turn out well. I spray it before I make the first waffle, and of course, I never wash it, my mother's instructions. They turn our nice and crispy outside, though there is still usually steam coming out when it's done, they are definitely baked all the way through. It seems to do what it's supposed to do.

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It does seem that Belgian waffles are the thing - we are having a hard time finding a "regular" waffle maker.

We had a Toastmaster for aeons that did a great job until it wore out. That Black & Decker looks just like it with the same reversable grill design an' everything! Thanks MomJ!

Our son wants to get the kind that flips over - like some hotels have. Waring makes one for $80 and it does not dissasemble for cleaning. There are other professional flip-over models that start around $300 and go way up. We might get the Waring but not the pro models.

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measure_twice, $300!!! That's a little out of my waffle iron budget. I don't really understand the ones that flip over, and they look like they'd take up a lot of cupboard space.
I saw a picture of a new Cuisinart model(actually 2 models). It is soooo nice looking! I am trying not to be seduced by its looks!

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