Looking for 4-slice toaster

marie26January 16, 2006

I am looking for a 4-slice toaster that is not too big and clunky. My other requirements are that the slots are wide enough for bagels, toasts rather quickly and toasts according to the setting I put it on.

I saw a Kitchen-Aid at Costco this weekend but it looked too large for my counter. I prefer toasters to toaster ovens and now have a 2-slice toaster that is very slow and even if I don't change the setting, I can never be sure how the toast will turn out. It also has defrost and reheat settings but I never use those.

Are there any brands that you can recommend?

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dont go with a krups, i just tried one saturday , it was really bad and i took it back

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I have a Cuisinart that I like a lot. There are only two slots (wide enough for bagels), but each slot holds two pieces of bread. So the unit is not chunky wide, but rather longer than usual. It toasts to my specifications with no problems.

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I also have a cuisinart with 2 long slots. It's long but I like it because you can toast those large sour dough slices or 2-4 regular slices of bread. Also good for bagels, etc. It doesn't seem too bulky and it stays cool on the outside. Got it pretty cheap at Costco a couple of years ago. I can't say it's super fast but at least you can do 4 slices at once.

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