$6000 Budget - Pick a 36" Range for Me

building_a_houseOctober 25, 2012

Looking for a stainless 36" Range for my new build. Could be all gas (natural gas) or a dual fuel.

Also, is there a particular place I should purchase?

Open to all recommendations so let them fly!

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The best range for the price is the NXR DRGB3602x. You can buy them at Costco as they have the best return policy. It's made from the finest possible components from all over the world. Forum members have compared the unit to Capital side by side and ended up buying the NXR.

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Do you mean $6K for the range only or for the range plus other things (if so, what other things?. Also, if you canm describe your cooking style - such as lots of baking, making soups, whatever.

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You will get MANY other opinions on which model to purchase, so I will give you some advice on WHERE to purchase.

Once you decide what brand (Wolf, Viking, Bluestar, GE Monogram, etc), go on those companies' websites are search for local dealers. Then call those dealers looking for floor models they would be willing to sell at a discount. It's a good way to get the higher-end models below your price point as these tend to run higher.

During my search for a BS, I contacted all dealers within the tri-state area. I found a 36" range with griddle for $3000 under list! Why so cheap? It was red and sat on the floor for 2 years. I would have jumped on it if my new cabinets weren't sage green and my wife didn't want our kitchen looking like Christmas (I won't get into shipping costs but it still would've been a good deal). Nevertheless, the lesson here is that these dealers usually won't advertise these deals openly (well, sometimes they will on CL) and some markets might have a hard time selling these high-end models. Or they might just want to turnover their floor to the newer models.

In summary, find the models that meet your functional requirements and rank them, regardless of price (even though that will be a factor). Then, if you find you can't get then price you want on that model, then cross it off and move to the next one. No loss.

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Thanks for the feedback.

My wife is the main cook in the house. She loves to bake but would use the range in various ways.

No delicate French sauces or anything in my home.

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Sophie Wheeler

Remember that venting that range can cost as much as the range itself, so you need to clarify if that is your total for cooking products, or if you have a separate line item price for the ventilation needs. Also, with a high CFM vent, you will need to look into makeup air. That can also be quite costly, depending on your location and the attention that the local authorities pay to current building codes. Even if you live in an area where there are no inspections though, you should understand why makeup air is being required so that you can make sure that the health and safety of your family isn't adversely affected by your choices.

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The NXR is a POS that is made in China.

"Best possible components from around the world" is as trustworthy as the parent Chinese company that make it,Duro Corp/Nextgrill. Meaning not very. People that buy it are unable or unwilling to pay for a better range.

Best 36" Range under $6k

1) Capital Culinarian
2) Bluestar RNB
3) American Range Performer Series

With all caveats about investigating MUA and venting requirements first.

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Just to throw something else out there, and since it's new construction, how would you feel about a 36" rangetop and separate 30" wall oven instead? I wish I'd done that instead of a range. Remember, a 36" oven will take a long time to heat up, and how often will you actually need that width for an oven? Plus, no bending with a wall oven. My dream combo would be a 36" Bluestar rangetop and a 30" Wolf wall oven. Also note that I am talking about a rangetop, not a cooktop. A rangetop doesn't need a special counter cutout, and the knobs aren't taking up room on the cooking surface.

And ditto to the comment about budgeting for a good hood. Since it's new construction, you should also make sure your exhaust duct is 8" or 10" diameter, not less.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestar Rangetop

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I would consider a rangetop and wall oven as well. You can pick the oven independently from the rangetop. I would go with the Wolf rangetop, sealed burners, for it's ability to go to very low heat on all the burners. You could go with electrolux for your oven. I have a Wolf(in a range) and Electrolux ovens and you would be hard pressed to find that much difference in the way they bake. I do like that the Wolf has dual convection elements and fans because it is 36 inches wide.

There are those that have NXR here and love them. If you buy it from Costco, you can return it. I would search all the brand names on this forum and see where the issues are. There has been a lot written on this subject here.

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I like my Bertazzoni range and wall oven. The total cost for both was somewhere around $3900 total. I think Bertazzoni also sometimes throws in a vent hood as well with the purchase of a range. I also like it because not a lot of people know about the brand and it looks pretty unique compared to a lot of ranges.

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The Rangetop idea is growing on me.

I priced a 36" Culinarian rangetop, dual 30" Electrolux wall ovens and Sharp microwave drawer and it was $7200.

The 36" Culinarian range is $6900 alone.

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