Removing sticky stuff from cookware

cheech77January 21, 2007

I recently purchased a stainless steel bowl, and I have not been able to remove the sticky stuff that is at the bottom of the bowl. It is from the Manufacturers sticker that was in the bowl. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!!!


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Try rubbing it with a soft cloth and some lighter fluid. That should dissolve the stick-um. Then wash regularly with soap and hot water.

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Anything either oily or with an alcohol base should remove it.

Rubbing alcohol--or even vodka will work. Cooking oil, crisco or peanut butter. I prefer not to use toxic chemicals on items that will be used for/around food I'm planning on feeding my loved ones, so I'd avoid using something like lighter fluid, goo-gone or wd-40.

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Goo-gone, rubbing with a sacrificial rag, and then a good, thorough, soap and hot water washing.

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Try some boiling hot water. I use the water from my instant hot and it usually softens the glue enough to easily rub it off. Good luck

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Thanks Everyone!

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