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mxyplxOctober 29, 2011

Just got off the phone with Live PC Solutions. Recognized it right off as bogus. They were going to help me disinfect the comp. Implied that Mirosoft was getting signals from my computer indicating it was infested. Talked to a tech then a senior tech then a senior senior tech.

Each time I axt em (about 15 times altogether) what my comp was infected with they said, "Ya we're here to help you with that." etc etc

Each time I answered a question of any sort well whatever I said they came back with, 'Oh, My God! - but don't worry we can help........."

It was fun for a while then to h*ll with it. I lookt em up on the net while we were jawing. Looks like some people get called repeatedly. What a drag.

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Sounds like you maybe need to give your phone number as 555-1212 when you enter contests, or get free stuff online.

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