range+micro oven, range top+micro, fridge...Please help!

YuliaOOctober 9, 2013

I've been reading the forum a lot, but it's my first time posting...
I have a dilemma :)
So i am planning my new kitchen (new construction house)...It's not big, so saving space is essential...But i also want to get the best "package" of appliances.
Here are my choices

Get a 36 inch Wolf cooktop (or rangetop?)+42 inch Subzero fridge+ 30 inch oven+microwave and steam oven(in high cabinet)
36" Wolf range, then maybe i'd be able to fit 48" SubZero, and get 24" microwave and steam oven into 24" high cabinet
i could also get microwave drawer and then high cabinet would only have steam oven and plenty of storage...

What would you choose? What appliances work best?
I also would like your opinion on range top vs cooktop...

Thank you!!

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i think i should provide a bit more information :)

We are a family of 5, cook a lot, spend a lot of time on the kitchen, and we love entertaining guests :)
In our "old" house we have Miele cooktop(electric), and Miele oven. I don't think i ever used gas for cooking...So a bit worried but excited :))

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I don't think the Wolf Steam oven can fit in anything smaller than a 27" cabinet, but I could be wrong.

Also, if you are going to try and stack a 30" oven, microwave and steam oven all in the same cabinet I would not put the steam oven at the top of that stack, it would not work as the door flips down on it, now out.

You would need to do the stack with the microwave on top.


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Okay if it's not such a big place, you can consider how import is a 48in frig?
If you foresee any back or knee problems, a wall oven is a better option. The microwave can be a drawer micro. Looking at both cooktop and rangetop. It all depends what style you like. In a cooktop your countertop is cut and all your knobs are on top. So it's right next to hot pots and pans. In the rangetop all knobs are in front away from the pots. Plus it's a nice look!
You will enjoy cooking with gas. Ask your electrician what can go together.
Subzero 36-42 frig, 36 Rangetop, Wall Oven, Speed/Steam Oven, microwave drawer. IMHO, if your going Subzero for the frig, I would not do a cooktop.

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Thank you all for your input!
I think i'll go with a range top...Would it look ok on a contemporary style kitchen?
I am not sure if we need 48" subzero, i never had counter depth refrigerator...I am just worried 42" is too narrow, being side-by-side. Plus, the price difference is "just" $400 i think...

should i go with miele or wolf oven and steam oven ?
Every sales representative tells me a different thing

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