Avira Flags/warns attempt to install IE10

jerry_njOctober 10, 2013

I usually use Firefox, but while using IE tonight I got an interrupt (it may have been when I was shutting IE down) asking me to install IE10. I clicked to install and Avira stopped the process and alerted me to a virus threat.

Is there something "funny" going on with IE10, or should I just override Avira and install anyway?

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I have never had my antivirus tell me to upgrade my browsers before. I would make sure I downloaded it at MS or go to IE's help, then about IE and get updates there. There is a box there to check to get the update automatically.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

'something "funny" going on with IE10'
I wouldn't think there would be anything "funny" going on with IE10. I think I would be more concerned that maybe the offer to update didn't really come from IE(Microsoft) but from something malicious on the page you were on(or closing out).

Just a gut feeling though, I have no evidence.

In any event, personally, I would trust my AV and do as EmmaR suggests.

Does IE even offer to update itself or are all offers to update IE done through Windows Update? I don't know, which I suppose more than anything is a dead giveaway that I really don't use IE. :)

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