Le Creuset and Induction

steff_1January 9, 2011

I have been using new Le Creuset cookware on a portable induction burner and notice the pans get a round "hot spot" in the middle when I saute or brown meat and even appears on the lowest setting when cooking onions. This spot is very sticky and requires hard scrubbing to clean. It does not appear when I use the same pans on the gas cooktop.

I was planning to replace my gas cooktop with induction, but wonder if this ring is common on induction or just my particular unit.

Thanks for any insight.

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I've used my Le Creuset dutch ovens on my induction cooktop w/o a problem and used them on gas before getting induction. There was never a problem there either. I think there's something going on w/ your portable unit--uneven heating??

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Thanks, that's what I had hoped was going on because I'm really ready to go with induction over the sealed burner gas I have now.

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You might want to post on the kitchens forum and ask plllog. She has posted previously on induction and Le Crueset and seems to like it. I suspect it's just your portable unit.

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I have an induction hob and use cast iron on it all the time. I have LC, Target Brand and Lodge.

I experienced something similar to your experience on our old gas range but not at all on our current De Dietrich Induction Cooktop.

It is unlikely to be your pots as it is occurring on all of them and not just one (which could conceivably have an uneven base but not all of them)

Have you googled the model portable burner you are using. Some burners have known issues and may show up on a search.

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Great ideas, I'll go back and search plllog's posts on induction and Le Creuset. We've posted back and forth regarding induction a year or so ago, but not since I acquired my new cast iron enamel pots.

In fact, plllog inspired my decision to make the investment in Le Creuset. And I'm pretty sure it was her enthusiasm for induction that prodded me into taking another look after initially rejecting it when the first induction cooktop I saw at EXPO looked clunky and hard to clean with too much trim on it. They are solving those issues quickly so I'm keeping a lookout for the best option now.

My unit is Max Burton and I'll check for issues, may still have warranty left.

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