All-Clad New series D5

kitchendetectiveJanuary 25, 2010

Has anyone tried any of the new All-Clad D5 series pans? I'm among those who dislikes the All-Clad handles, but I'm wondering if the new versions are more comfortable and if the new multi-layer system performs as well or better than older All-Clad or, say, Demeyere, Viking, etc. Also is the new series heavier, lighter, or the same in pan-to-pan comparisons? I love Viking pans, by the way, but if I could find a comparable American-manufactured pan, I'd go for it. Looking specifically for a 12" saute or skillet.

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I don't like non-stick cookware but have 2 pieces just for eggs. I bought the non-stick Emerilware when Macy's was having a 1-day sale for $33 for a 10 inch and 8 inch set.

For Christmas, we replaced all our cookware with the Viking line.

We compared All Clad to Viking and we thought there was no comparison at all

Here is a link that might be useful: crimedebate

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We checked out the new D5 line at W-S last weekend. We've been using our SS tri-ply A-C for about a couple years.

The D5 pans are definitely heavier than the tri-ply. The helper handles are larger/stick out further than the old ones, and the handles on the lids are much larger/beefier, which would contribute to the weight. The additional layers of metal on the pots and pans themselves would likely add to the weight as would the addition of the rolled lips on the pots (the new long handles might be heavier, too).

I've not used the pans so couldn't say if they are truly 20% more effcient at heating evenly, or not. My largest pans (e.g. 6 qt buffet pan, 13" Fr Skillet) might benefit from that, as the larger diameter pans do seem to experience some loss of heat towards the outer edges when cooking over lower flames. Again, not sure if the 20% thing is real or hype.

Other than that, the only thing on the newer pans that I might like mine to have, would be the rolled lip on the pots, and the newly designed handles seemed nice, but I didn't hold them long enough to really tell. I don't think I'd like the wider helper handles or the larger handles on the lids. Both would take up too much space in my drawers, and as I mentioned above, I think the bigger lid handles make the lids a bit heavier than I'd ptrefer.

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I bought the 3 qt sautuese that was on sale at WS to replace a similar piece that was lighter weight and not as good on my gas cooktop. Turns out it is larger than my old piece, but it still fits the drawer, so I'm keeping it. I think we have used it once -- not enough to really compare with the 3 ply. I like it, just can't say how much different it is yet -- beyond the comments above.

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