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kathieloOctober 2, 2012

I have a new HP 6600 wireless printer that always shoots out a blank page with each print job. Can anyone tell me why and how to stop it?

Second question. I'm using WORD 2010 with Windows 7 and trying to work with a border around a page. I have figured out how to put the border on the page but cannot change the color of the border when selecting the border from the ART menu in the Page Border tab. The color just says automatic which is black and does not allow changes. Any suggestions?

If I just choose the "border" tab as opposed to "page border" I can change the color but those borders are just lines. I want to work with the designer borders. Hope this makes sense.


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The blank page shoot out occurs on my printer too IF I am printing from MS Word and had like 3 pages to print but deleted some to where it became only 2 pages to print.
I then go to File, Print, and place the dot for pages and do the 1,2 thingy and no extra paper shoots out.
I think the printer still thought there was 3 pages to print being it did have stuff on it before. "Queer" huh?

Did you make a deletion to less pages to print out?

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urlee, I'm not really sure of the sequence of print events. That could have happened. I'll have to do a test to see if that is the problem. I think the extra page occurs even if I am printing only one page. Yes, it IS queer! Thanks for the suggestion.

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