Excalibur NS vs other Nonsticks

jerrymbJanuary 1, 2006

I have gone though this site and also the search about the Excalibur ns, and didnt find anything that directly compares the Excalibur to other non-sticks, I am new here and have read through the 15 pages, I was looking at the All-clad 12" and while hunting at TJM i found a 10" and a 8" Wolfgang Puck fry pan that was dirt cheap with the Excalibur process, whats your opinion of the process and these Puck pans?

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I have a Wolfgang 10 inch saute pan, stainless, and really like it.

Got my daughter the 8 in Wolfgang Excalibur and she said the non-stick was not very affective.

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Thanks Canvir, so your daughter doesnt think that the Excalibur on the puck pan is that good? I wonder if there are different levels of quality of excalicur?

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