The things they say in catalogs

bmorepanicOctober 23, 2013

Pretty much, I've got an oven fixation right now. While cruising around dreaming of a working oven, I found this in a manufacturer's catalog.

"A unique work. Created through the interaction of the master of style and the ultimate frontiers of design technique; with a strong personality to make itself known and appreciated and to allow its future partners in the kitchen to understand its fascination. Its specifications provide a multitude of applications and functional versatility makes it indispensable in the kitchen in a modern, original proposal for designing and experiencing
your kitchen. "

What appliance is it? "disappearing oven that cooks complex recipes simultaneously and perfectly in a small but essential space with excellent results equal to the most traditional models, to which it adds the special, adjustable temperature Salamander function, which keeps cooked foods hot with the oven open. "

Who wrote this:
Fulgor Milano
What it should say:
Who knows really? I wish I spoke Italian.
I'm still trying to figure out if an oven could be fascinated by its cooking partner or if the oven is fascinating to its cooking partner. Is its partner its owner or another cooking appliance - because either way just sounds creepy to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Page 25

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No chicken nuggets button?

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practicing my trash talking, no offense intended

Do you need a chicken nuggets button, dear?

No nuggets here.

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I thought maybe they were talking about Alfredo Caldo-Freddo, the Bertolli Olive Oil chef. I understand his fascination.

I'm hoping that's just a bad translation of the Italian catalog, because I certainly don't have that kind of intimate relationship with my Electrolux. It is a pretty cool website, though.

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Sorry, I'm on the wrong forum. In the Kitchen Forum, there was a hilarious thread sometime back about a stove decision--the stove met the poster's requirements, but it had a "chicken nuggets" function, so she just couldn't bring herself to purchase it. I looked at the settings that showed up on the manual linked above, page 21, and it reminded me of the nuggets function thread. I use temperature just fine, don't need announcements about meat, etc.

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Oh, I missed that - I'll have to see if I can find it. I have felt the same way + just mystified at what is emphasized by assorted manufacturers.

I was vastly amused by implications of intimacy with this oven. I've never had an italian appliance, but their electronics must be vastly superior to ours.

I opened the sales pdf because I wondered how anybody cleaned it.

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Kitchen Detective, you made me spit my coffee...I remember that thread. It was just as funny as the "my cat threw up in the washer" thread in Home Disasters. :-)

I'm intrigued by the disappearing function. Can you imagine how many layout problems that could solve? My refrigerator would be fascinated.

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Would it like to be in a relationship? :)

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