Do you protect your frying pans when stacking?

marie26January 30, 2005

I purchased new teflon frying pans from the restaurant supply store and was wondering how I should protect the surfaces when I stack them in the cupboard.

Do they need to be protected?

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Yes they should be protected if you stack them. If you're careful and gentle when you stack them a paper towel is enough. If you're not so careful I'd recommend you use a kitchen towel.

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I use a large heavy duty paper plate which works great. When I am not using it, it stays in the cupboard -- then gets put back again. I'm still on my first one. The great thing about a paper plate is that it is exactly the right size and shape -- I used a very large white cardboard plate.

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I have a stainless steel frying rack that I got from TJMaxx. It allows me to store 6 frying pans vertically. Another benefit besides not scratching is they are easier to take out of the cabinet since they aren't stacked.

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Yes, like Mustangs, my pans are also stored vertically. You can get the rack to put in a cabinet or drawer and line the pans up. They are so easy to store and grab, I'm wondering why we haven't been doing this for years! I got mine at Organized Living.

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I use squares of bubble wrap....the kind with the small bubbles.
Linda C

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Anther method: Use disks of cardboard cut from boxes (like the ones the pans came in). This has worked for us for some time now (being short of storage space!) Steve

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I just use pieces of shelf liner. It works great.

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For lack of enough room (who doesn't need more room...LOL), my pots and pans are housed in deep cookware
drawers, sometimes stacked inside each other out of necessity. I cut squares of cushioned shelf liner to put in between the frying pans. I only have one non-stick frying pan, but I use the squares to protect any cookware that sits inside another one. The shelf liner is cushioned, washable and re-usable.

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We too have just one non-stick skillet. We are careful to store it on top of the stack.

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I sometimes keep the protective wrapper the pan came in, if it is fitted. I also use flannel rounds. For my long griddle which I store in the bottom of a drawer under large stockpots, I cut out a piece of cardboard to fit into it to keep it from scratching.

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I had left over pieces from the cupboard liner that I used (Cushy Cupboard). I cut circles for each pan. At the cost of pots and pans today, they need to be protected. I got my cupboard liner from The service was great and fast.

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