What's a Great Ice Cream Scoop?

cindylouhooJanuary 6, 2008

While dishing out ice cream at my 2 year olds birthday party, I realized I needed a really good scoop! Any suggestions? TIA!

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FWIW, Cook's Illustrated likes the following:

Best scoop for small or medium hands
Model: Zeroll #1020-ZT ($22.99)

Best scoop for large hands
Model: KitchenAid KG117BU ($11.79)

One size fits all
Model: Oxo Ice Cream Scoop #56381 ($12.99)

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We have the original Zeroll one (with the defrosting fluid in the handle) and it works nicely. We don't use it often, but when we have used it, we've been happy with it.

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Hands down it would be the Zyliss. Everyone who tries one likes it. Fits my small hand well and my son's huge hand equally well. Even DH who would ignore the scoop and use a spoon before uses the Zyliss.

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I love my OXO. I don't use it for ice cream though. It's perfect for muffins.

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I have the Cutco scoop and is hands down the best I've used. I like it better than the pampered chef. It does not have the liquid in it like pampered chef but does seem to melt the ice cream as you scoop it.

Then again I have fallen in love with all of my Cutco products.

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For Ice Cream, I like my Tupperware one, and the Oneida one. They both work extremely well.

for portioning food (scooping batter for muffins, cupcakes, making uniformly sized cookies, sizing mini burgers or candy) I have several Rubbermade portion scoops in various sizes.

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