How to clean a sticky baking stone?

onmiown3January 14, 2007

Hi all!

I recently purchased a baking stone from a cooking show and have used it about 3 times. I was told to cook high fat items for the first few uses or to lightly brush the surface with oil if the item was low fat.

Well, the last time used it the item was low fat, so I lightly brushed the surface with oil. The stone came out all sticky after baking my bread! You know that tacky feeling oil sometimes gets? Well, that's what my entire stone feels like.

How do I fix this? I've tried "baking" it off but it didn't work.

Thanks so much!


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Your baking stone will be fine. A few more high temp bake sessions in the oven by itself.

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Thanks Laat2!

I'll try putting it in the oven a few more times this week.


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Just store it in the oven. I keep my stones on the bottom shelf of my oven at all times--whether I'm using the stone for what I'm baking or not.

Oil really isn't a good product for seasoning, though--as it does tend to get sticky. Solid shortening does a much better job in most cases--it will turn hard and slick (non-sticky) much more readily than oil will.

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Azzalea, do you mean the bottom rack of the oven, or the actual bottom of the oven?

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Bottom rack--nothing should be on the floor of the oven (not even foil, in the case of a gas oven), it impedes the heat getting to the interior of the oven properly.

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Hi All,

I put the stone on the bottom rack of the oven the last two nights while I cooked and it worked! The stickiness is gone.

Azzalea, can I use butter to season? I have a stoneware loaf pan that I need to season, but I don't have solid shortening in the house. I baked a very high fat banana bread in the pan and it sucked all the moisture right out of the bread so I want to season the pan before my next use.

Thanks all!

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NO! Do not use butter. It burns too easily.

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