WANTED: Got it!!!

lori316July 18, 2006

I wanted to post that I got my swap package (apparently sometime yesterday).

Msafirstein sent a wonderful package, which I will post more details about later tonight. Just didn't want you to worry, M. (I've e-mailed separately)

Such a tease, I know....

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hello we are waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Drumming my finger on the computer table, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, yawn!

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what the heck is taking so long??

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come oooonnnnnn!

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Taking so long? I said tonight!!! LOL

Seriously, isn't it so true that whenever you're having a terrible day, one of these packages arrives to brighten it? Yesterday was my first day back to work after two weeks of vacation. 'Nuff said.

After work, I had to coach my 11 yr old's all star game (we won!) about 45-50 miles from where I work. I get out at 4:30. The game started at 5:30, I had to go home and actually obtain said child before I could head to the game, then meet all other parents at the park & ride. You do the math! ;) It's pretty bad when the last one to get there is the coach.

Thennnn....to make matters worse, my soon-to-be 14 yr old decided to come down with two ear infections, the flu, and a diagnosis of asthma (who knew, Mr I'm-starting-freshman-track-in-three-weeks). Can somebody tell this kid it's the middle of freakin' July, please? LOL

Anyway, that's my excuses...some pretty valid, some just plain stress-filled, but I promise to write about my "I'm in love with it" package later tonight. Ya done good, Msafirstein!!!! Thank you again.

Back to my 13 minute lunch "hour"....

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Yeah, OK, you're off the hook for now, but I want to see that package pretty darned soon!!


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Crappy day, Lori

Sorry for you and hope DS feels better. I'm sure you'd rather be sharing your bounty than your woes.


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I wanna see too! I know, I know, I sent the box, but we are in MAJOR remodel, total gut of the house, and I can not remember eveything I sent!

Hope your day is better tomorrow!

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I'm sure it's a great package Lori! Glad it brightened your day, and that better days will be ahead soon.

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Msafirstein, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post here. Very rude of me to keep you waiting, but it would be even more rude of me to start using things before I acknowledged them, and I'm dying to start using things!

I posted that I can't take pictures, so hopefully they were taken before the package was sent out.

First, very intriguing to me, I got some lingonberry sauce. I don't think I've ever had this. Anyone? It sounds so interesting and delish. I was looking around to research it and it says to use with Sweedish meatballs, so guess what I'm making this weekend. I haven't had Sweedish meatballs in such a long time, and I love them. Can't wait!

Next was a timer. I almost picked one up while I was shopping for my buddy but now I'm glad I held off. This one is magnetic so I can stick it up high so the kids can't reach it and steal it.

Next was a "Page Up" Have you ever seen these things? I have one at work and wanted to bring it home because I love it, but I really needed it there. It's about the size of an egg with a flat base. Then there's a cut-out of the plastic right through the middle so you can stand a piece of paper up in it and it will hold it upright for you. I keep saying I wanted one of these for home because often I'll see a recipe from here that I like and will print it up at work to take home. This would be perfect for that!

Next was some adorable dish/hand towels that match my kitchen so perfectly. Yay, I can finally throw the others in the wash that have been hanging in my kitchen since what seems like Christmas! LOL These are adorable, M.

Then there was one of those sponge holders that suctions to the inside of the sink. I love these. I have a deep sink and I love the fact that this will stick to the inside and hide everything I put in it. Very useful.

Next was a citrus squeezer/pitcher. This is cool. When you squeeze the fruit, you can then pour it out without getting seeds in everything. It's such a cute decorative, but useful, pitcher. This will get alot of use.

Way down in the bottom of the (rather large box) was a knock-off of a le creuset-type dutch oven. It's also red to match my kitchen. It doesn't say, but I'd guess it's maybe a 3 qt size. M, you have no idea how much use this will get. I love it, and it's already in a very prominent spot on my hutch, just waiting for the weekend and my cooking frenzy.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Msafirstein sent a hand made rag doll. This girl has talent! It's adorable! The tag on her says she's an "1800's antebellum rag doll, an historical reproduction of the original" Msafirstein, you're holding out on us with this talent. I'd love to see some pictures of others you've made. Mackenzie wanted to steal her to sleep with last night, but we decided to put her on the hutch to watch over my new dutch oven. I expect she will make her way to Mackenzie's room in the very near future.

Msafirstein, I really hope you were able to take pictures of this package before it went out. Words don't do it justice. I was very lucky to be chosen as your partner. It is truly appreciated and I love everything.

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Very exciting package! Wow! That Dutch oven is very special! Lingonberry sauce? Nope, never had it. I wonder what it tastes like?! I never have enough timers, so I love that gift!! The "page-up" sounds great for the one-page recipejust as you described. ThatÂs a terrific idea! CanÂt wait to see those towels! The citrus squeezer and other items all sound great! What a great assortment! Enjoy Lori!

Msafirstein, you put together a GREAT package!! The handmade ragdoll is very special! Super job!!

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Wow, what a great package, too bad you couldn't post pictures. I bet the handmade doll is beautiful.

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I also would just love to see pictures. ANYTHING handmade is ultra special in my book. I also would love longonberry sauce, since I love unique things like that. And the red pot would fit right into my kitchen also! Nice job Msafirstein! Enjoy your package Lori!

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OHhhhh Lori, no pictures on this end. My camera was in for repairs and I just got it back on Monday! So sorry. But I have to say I just loved the red small dutch oven, the color is one of my favorites! And the dish towels were just too cute to pass up! And isn't the citrus juicer the coolest thing! I bought myself 1 too!

I had so much fun, planning and buying for Lori. We are in such a whiz here with the remodel, it helped me get my mind on other things besides the house!

The rag doll is a pattern I found while researching Southern Quilts. I make reproduction quilts and do extensive research and at the time I was researching African American Quilts. I could trace the Doll back to about 1850 but that was as far back as I could find verified data. I am pretty sure it originated in Africa and came over on slave ships. I make the dolls for special people.

I had such a great time, I can't wait for the next swap!

So glad you liked every thing!!

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Sorry forgot to comment on the Lignonberry Jam. I do genealogy and was floored to discover that on my Father's side we tie into a Swedish Line, Nils Larrson Frend (Friend) is my 8th GGrandfather. In fact my Friend Family came to New Sweden, which was located in NJ, DE and PA, in 1648! I was thrilled and started making Swedish dishes and in the process discovered Lignonberry Jam which is a tart/sweet jam and just delicious. I make butter cookies and press my thumb ever so slightly in the middle and then fill with Lignonberry Jam....delicious!! My entire family is now eating bread and Lignonberry Jam for dessert! We all just love it!

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Well, I found a picture of the 'Page Up'...thats a start...but maybe one of you can find a rag doll image somewhere on the net? Sounds intriguing! You put together a well rounded package, msafirstein!

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I love the way your swap items had such special meaning, msafirstein ~ a gift of the heart! I'm totally intriqued by the AA quilts & dolls.

Lor ~ enjoy your wonderful swap gifts (and I'm hoping DS is on the mend and feeling better soon)!

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What an interesting package! A Le Creuset and a handmade doll? Winners on both fronts--Enjoy!

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That does sound like a great package. Someday you've got to post the dolls so we can see, msafirstein. I like your enthusiasm, too, Lori! Hope you all enjoy it!

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I was just thinking how we managed before being able to upload photos to share. We have gotten so used to doing it, and true, I'd love to see the doll, but Lori I could picture the other things and could hear in your "voice" how much the gifts from M mean to you. M, you did a wonderful job of choosing and I like your Swedish connection to the lingonberry sauce.

Lori, what's the design/color of the dish towels?

Enjoy everything.

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Msafirstein, you certainly put together one helluva swap box! I would have loved to see photos, but the excited tone of Lori's post says it all!


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What original things, especially the doll. You must post some pix of your dolls AND your quilts. They both sound VERY special.

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Oh yeah, that sounds like a great swap box, especially the dutch oven and the rag doll.

I can just tell how much Lori will enjoy everything.


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Another swap box right on the target! So, you do know that you HAVE TO POST when the lovely doll finds her feet and joins a certain little girl.


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Sounds like a fabulous swap package!!

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I do have 1 rag doll that is mine. We have packed and moved most of our belongings into the barn for storage during our remodel. I will try to dig her out tomorrow and take a picture. The doll is the same except mine is in 4th of July red/wht/blue dress and Lori's is blue/wht prairie dress.

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That sounds like the sweetest swap package! I just love homemade gifts!

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Lori, super package. Enjoy!
msafirstein, so nice to include a handmade item. Good job.


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Very nice swap package, everything sounds great and I love it that there was something homemade.


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Sounds like a well rounded package, and very personal. Glad you are enjoying it Lori. (I always get Lingonberry sauce from Ikea, you can pick it up in the restaurant area. It is wonderful with chicken dishes too.)


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Now, I have to look for that Page up thingy. My list of things I need is getting longer and longer.

What a nice package, I would love to see a picture of the rag doll.

Lori, enjoy! I'm going to get on the Ikea website and order some lignonberry sauce.

Another great swap package!

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Sounds like a wonderful package! I love anything homemade. Gotta get a "page up" myself!


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