How often do you clean your tea kettles and do they mildew?

magnoliasouthJanuary 17, 2009

I found this poast: but no one said exactly how often they clean them.

I've had several kettles over the years, but after finding gunk in mine, I chunked them and began using pots instead. I don't like that though because pouring it into a cup is difficult.

So for a final say, how often should kettles be washed and do they mildew?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Why ever would you clean a teakettle? It has only had water in it and that water was boiled and germs in that teakettle!
but if you have minerals in your water, you couldg et some mineral buildup in the bottom....but that sure won't hurt anything!
Gunk in your teakettle?? What are you putting in there?
Linda C

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Well I don't have them anymore, but am considering getting another. I only used water and I didn't clean them. When I found the gunk, I was surprised because I couldn't understand where it came from. Also, when you Google cleaning kettles there are several sites that say how they do it. They just don't say how often they do it.

So you don't clean it at all? I wonder why mine got nasty just like the poster's did in the link above.

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I don't have a tea kettle but I would assume that if you had a tea kettle with just a little bit of water sitting on the stove when not in use, bacteria, dust and other items present in the air will fall in the kettle and can create a slime factory over time if not cleaned. I personally use an electric tea kettle (British upbringing) and now graduated to a Japanese Airpot. I love my airpot. When I used an electric kettle, I never left water in it and washed it out weekly. I have filtered water and never had a problem with the tea kettles. I clean my airpot out weekly when I have no water left in it.

Good luck!

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I use an electric teakettle because there's nothing quite like it. I rinse it out after each use, and once or twice a week I demineralize it with a solution of white vinegar and water (we have hard water). Another reason I clean it well is because the water for tea should be 'cold and clear'.

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Thank you! :)

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I put mine in the dishwasher about once a month. Not for cleaning the's for cleaning the outside. I leave mine sitting on the stove burner even when not in use. When I cook or fry, splatters occur and get on the outside of the kettle. I've never had any of mine mildew or have gunk inside. NancyLouise

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