Staub 'try me' 2-quart round cocotte

ossienycJanuary 13, 2007

This piece is the try me piece from Staub that is usually priced $69.99 to attract new customers with the special "low" price. I have a 5 quart cocotte that made steel cut oatmeal just fine. What would I use a smaller size for? TIA.

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How about a wedding present? If the price is low enough....go for it!
I would use it for rice, wild and domestic, stew for a few and oatmeal for one day.
Linda C

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There is a new book that's supposed to be wonderful called "Glorious One Pot Meals", that uses a 2 qt. enamel cast iron pot to make a meal for two. She patented a new cooking process. Great reviews on Amazon. Has anyone tried her recipes here?

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Blondelle, I am seriously intrigued by "Glorious One Pot Meals". Of course if I sprung for the book, I'd also have to buy a new pot :). I already have a 5.5 qt LC on order (my first!), so I was able to show some restraint reguarding the book and a smaller LC. Of course it helped a lot that no one local has the book, so I wasn't able to page through it and get hooked on it.

I'd love to hear from anyone who's tried out "Glorious One Pot Meals"

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