C:net - Ten Common Sense Security Tips

mike_kaiser_gwOctober 12, 2012

Good article over on C:net about basic security. It also includes a link to a website that evaluates password strength.

Definitely worth a read!

Oh, and how long would it take for the average desktop PC to crack the password for my bank account? 18 tredecillion years. I don't know how long that really is but I'm guessing the account will long be closed and the bank out of business before it happens! ;-)

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I have a bank account with 17 cents in it.
Thought they would bill me a service charge or something but they dont.
Its an interest bearing account.

I'm wondering when that ..Someday.. will come,,, that my heirs could become rich from interest earned.

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I've tried, off and on, to read some web articles -- and, of course, the comments -- on things like this, and one will always find someone commenting and saying that they have been able to crack supposedly 'strong' passwords in a much shorter amount of time than the calculations say. (One small example: see here and scroll down toward the bottom to a comment by "Shane" responding to "Randy.")

Granted, these people are probably not using an "average desktop PC." Still, it makes one wonder how accurate these results ("Your Password will take X years to crack") are. (And, of course, by the same token we don't really know if so-and-so did crack some account in the time they claim. It's one person's word against another's.)

Surely, the longer and more complex a password/passcode is, the better. But just as surely it won't be too long before some technology will come around that will knock a hundred trillion years off such calculations. :-/

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I aways wonder about sites like that.. are they sitting there and recording your passwords and ip.. doing a little geolocation, so they have a easy target.

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This thread reminded me of an extensive article in Consumer Reports. I found part of it and tagged it below. It is not bible and verse, but it is informational.


Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Reports Jan 2012

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Thanks for that article, DA.

In line with this thread is this paragraph from the article:

Lower hacking costs. The kind of hardware used to crack passwords has plunged in price. According to Robert Imhoff-Dousharm, information security officer at SanDisk, for $3,000 you can buy a PC with the password-cracking power of the fastest supercomputer in 1994, which cost $30 million then. A PC with that power can be assembled from parts you can buy from a computer retailer, and it can crack any eight-character password in just 23 hours, he says. Have a tighter budget but more time? No problem. An $800 starter version can do it in 40 days.


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