Is Kitchenaid SS Clad Cookware in the witness protection program?

loriafopianoJanuary 21, 2005

I've been checking out various brands of cookware, trying to make a decision on what to buy for my new kitchen and ceramic cooktop. The Kitchenaid SS Clad Cookware looks pretty good, has some great reviews online (even from someone on this forum), and is relatively reasonable priced compared to All Clad. But I can't find it anywhere near me!

I've found plenty of places online that sell it, but I'd like to check it out in person. I even called the Kitchenaid customer service phone number, and they were NO help at all (couldn't tell me anywhere in Massachusetts where I could see this!)! What gives? Why aren't there any major department stores that carry this stuff like all the other brands?

If anyone has actually SEEN or USED these pots/pans, I'd love to hear your opinion on them. And if anyone knows where I can actually see them in Massachusetts, please let me know!

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It's gorgeous cookware but it's been discontinued, along with the Hi*Denisty Kitchenaid line as well as all the clad Anolon cookware. It's very heavy cookware, lids are better than All-Clad, and deep draw. It has pouring rims that AC doesn't have. Cooks Illustrated said it tended to cook a little fast and saute hot, which means you have to watch it more carefully. I would wait to see if the discounters will get it. It's very high end cookware.

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Did you check JC Penney?

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I have a High-Density Hard Anodized Kitchenaid 3 qt. saute pan. I think this is as good as non-copper cookware gets. I thought it had been discontinued too because a few months ago this stuff was selling dirt cheap but now I'm not so sure. There seems to be a lot of it available on-line and it's hard to find it on sale.

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Meyer Corporation produces the Kitchen Aid cookware, as well as Anolon, Circulon, Farberware and others. See link below...


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Okay, I was finally able to find ONE place that had some of these pots and pans. It really is pretty nice, and the chef who works at the store has used it a bit and verifies its quality. Their stuff is 50% off, so I was able to pick up a 3 qt. covered saute pan with lid for $59.99. The bad news, for me, is that they have had these clearance prices since before Christmas, so there is slim pickings at this point.

It's a great thing to be able to actually see a product, handle it, and talk to someone who has used it extensively. I think I'm going to order more from Amazon; they have a nine piece set with things I could use for a good price, and have a $25 refund with purchases over $125. Seems like a fairly good deal!

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Meyer Corporation has their own retail website. They often have good discounts on their products. However, I don't know how they'd compare with Amazon (one of my favorite online retailers).

FWIW. I purchased all of my Anolon Titanium at their outlet store, that's not far from me, two years ago at great prices. However, it was at their annual pre-Christmas sale...


Here is a link that might be useful:

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