Toaster Oven died,,,any goods out there for under $100???

piper101January 8, 2008

Hi, Our long time toaster oven died over the weekend mysteriously (B & Decker) so I went and got another one. New ones "tick" as it toasts and I couldn't tolerate that and back it went to the store. My DH likes his hot dogs cooked in it and my son likes those mini pizzas baked in it, so I'd like to get a toaster oven to replace it rather than a straight toaster. Went on to Amazon to check out what people had to say regarding what is out there. The one that came up good reviews by Oster (TO and convection),,also ticks but quieter,,,,they had that model at Target so I heard it,,but they only had it in black, I need white, and it was a bigger footprint so will have to be placed in another part of kitchen.

Anyone have a toaster oven that is under a $100, reliable and doesn't tick? It just has to toast well,,,and temps for cooking other small things like mini pizzas and hot dogs???? I checked consumer reports and last report done a year ago but I can't get that copy to look at it and 2008 buying guide just talks about them but not ratings between models and brands.

Everyone here is so helpful, I thought I'd get good advice. Thx!!!

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My B and D has been far....and it was well under $100 and it doesn't tick....
Try a different model.
Linda C

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Linda, Thanks, I looked on B&D's website and they all have that same feature unfortunately. I've had their toaster oven for years in more than one unit with no problems til now. I ended up by chance at Costco and they had a stack of Oster's digital Toaster Oven/convection ovens for $58 and it had a $12 off coupon to boot so I bought that one. Working great!! and super quiet..only done toast in it so far but it's versatile as far as I can tell. I believe problem as been solved.

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FWIW, I have had nothing but trouble with B&D stuff, the final insult came when I installed a B&D under the counter can opener that was actually very "Avant Guard" looking and folded up to show just a smooth front end. I had to clear my cabinet of everything and then drill holes in the cabinet to install it (no problem)! After about a little over a year it just wouldn't cut the cans open, would stall, heat up and quit. I contacted them by phone and this was my answer, well, how long did you expect it to last a year is a long time! I mentioned it to my neighbor and he said the cutting wheel wasn't tempered are heat treated, he took it to his shop and did these things and it cut very well for about another 6 months than the motor burnt out! All this headache for a top dollar can opener!! It now resides in trash can hell where it belongs! This is not the only B&D product I had that went bad. Maybe it was coincidence or whatever but I feel a little more than put off by that company. Sorry for the ranting, just my opinion.

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I tried the Oster, works ok but the spring that holds the door closed is not the best and if you are using it a while seems to be affected by how hot the oven is.

B&D is NOT what they used to be. They used to be very solid, now they are hit and miss.

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