Are refrigerators with metal interiors worth it?

azhengOctober 29, 2012

Like the subject states, i want to know if buying brands with metal interiors (sub zero and northland are the only ones i know) are worth the money. For those of you that have them, are they cleaner, carry less smell, more sturdy, etc... Please share any comments you have about these! I'm interested in buying either a 48 or 60 inch SxS, or 2 columns.



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JWVideo, thanks for the links. However, I mainly want to know more about Northland. Another fridge that i'm looking at (and in some of the links you posted) is the 32 inch frigidaire all refrig and 32 inch all freezer (columns). They are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper at around 1.3K each (i can get the northland pair for around 6.5K). It seems to me that the only distinguishing features are its build location (US), aluminum interior (as opposed to plastic), and extra space. Is a northland worth the extra 4k?

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I see you found one of the threads on Northland's and posted a question there. I have no personal experience but bumping this thread witha reply may help generate interest from others who may have direct experience.

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Would I spend an extra $4.5k just for a metal interior?


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