36" Integrated fridge/freezer - feedback please

Joy314October 14, 2013

We are looking at 36" integrated fridge/freezers. I am looking for feedback as I am afraid they are too narrow (front to back) and will not hold enough for when we have large parties, etc. Any feedback pro/cons appreciated.

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How often do you have parties ?

Just how many guests do you have ?

Where do you live - suburb of major city or the boonies, 32 miles from a fully stocked grocery store ?

What do you have now? Does it meet your needs ?

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Parties are a couple times a year for 50-70 people. We live in the northeast, 10-15 minutes away from the grocery store. We are building so we want to look at all our options. If you have any suggestions - even non-integrated - I would love to hear it. Thanks!

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i agree with you, the built ins are more shallow and also gave me pause (we are looking at both counter depth and built ins but both have the same issues). you might want to look at counter depths also as they have slightly more cubic feet of space. will you have a second fridge elsewhere? we will probably have one in the garage so that alleviates some of the issues as far as food storage for parties and such.

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We have been living with SubZero integrated fridges for over 15 years (first a 42" side by side and now the 36" French door). During most of the time, we were a household with three kids and a live-in au pair, so three adults and three kids. And we entertained frequently. Storage was never a problem, except with the side by side, when platters became an issue, but that was a width issue, NOT a depth issue. With the new over-under, the fridge is a no-brainer. It holds a lot of food. The freezer is a bit small but we are getting a chest freezer for the overflow.

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