Frigidaire Counter Depth fridge anyone??

hedgehoggyOctober 4, 2012

I am considering the Frigidaire Counter Depth fridge but I have not seen it in person as there are no dealers in my area who have it on display. If anyone has this fridge I would really appreciate your review and if possible any pictures of the inside storage capacity. Thanks!

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Saw it at Lowes. NO THANKS. Cheap and wonky. Kitchenaid, Samsung, or LG would be my recs if you want a moderate priced counter depth French door. And I can't imagine anyone wanting a counter depth side by side. You can't even fit two carryout containers on a shelf of a side by side.

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we have a CD side by side, no problem fitting stuff in it. the occasional large try of food, yes, but otherwise no problem with regular weekly food for family of 4 (2 growing boys). plenty of space in the door for all the small stuff, leaving the shelves free for the larger stuff. Not a ton of take out here--but right now, there are several take out containers fitting with no problem. I was worried when we got it about the lack of space, has not been as issue at all!

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Haven't looked at the current model but did look at them a year ago, and thought it was the best freestanding cabinet-depth SxS fridge out there at the time. What I most liked was that (parent company) Electrolux was the only company that used distinct refrigerator inner door shelves for their cabinet-depth models rather than cheaping out and using the same doors as their deeper fridges that protrude 8" from the cabinets. As a result, many of the glass shelves are several inches deeper front to back than other brands which used annoyingly shallow shelves that can't hold a large dish or large boxes of soda/beer cans. The extra space comes from using shallower door bins in the top half rather than gallon-milk-bottle-deep bins throughout the inner door panel (which are needlessly deep for everything else). There are still one or two bins that can hold a gallon jug still even on the counter-depth fridges. This design is used on Electrolux, Frigidaire, and some Sears/Kenmore counter-depth fridges; if you can't find a Frigidaire, you may find a Kenmore equivalent (look for a thin bar running across the top above the doors on counter-depth Kenmores, which only Electrolux uses to hide the protruding door hinges).

Since then, LG and Samsung have introduced new models with more freezer space and icemakers completely in the door, and Whirlpool (and their associated brands) has redesigned some of theirs, so I don't know if this is still an Electrolux exclusive.

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