the Calphalon one grill pan, whats up????

jerrymbJanuary 29, 2006

Hi, whats up with the Calphalon one grill pan, I noticed Calphalon has discontinued this pan and still has the non stick version at the stores, When i talked with Calphalon this week , they said that the Calphalon one grill pan was made for William Sonoma,and is sold there, so i call Sonoma and they said that they only sell the non stick verson, hmmm, interesting, so i call back Calphalon, and tell them that Sonoma says that they dont sell the one, just the one nonstick, well they did some checking, and said to go out to the Sonoma site and type in this product code, so i did, well its for the nonstick model, I couldnt help but laugh, this is real sad, for one, i found that the

one square grill pan is discontinued, say what?, when i talked with the person at Calphalon, she said that she herself has the ONE square grill pan and that its better then the nonstick version, she did say to remember that it is not a nonstick though, and i even had a sales rep from Calphalon call me and tell me that they are selling the pan, well the whole thing is nuts, TGMax is selling this pan for $39, so i picked one up, I have not tried it yet untill i get a straight story on this, Has anyone tried or has a friend who has tried the the Calphalon one square grill pan? how did it perform? and how was it for cleaning? does it do a better job of browning then the non stick version? thanks JerryMB

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An review of the Calphalon one grill pan.

Here is a link that might be useful: amazon

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Thanks but that link is for the griddle, I was out to amazon my self already, I was hoping to get some opinions from here

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I used to have the calphalon one (not nonstick) double burner grill pan until I tried it once and was extremely dissapointed with the results. First, I have to say that I have 7 other C1 pots/pans and love them all. However, the grill pan did not perform well, and it took me way too long (and too much effort) to clean it afterward. I immediately returned it for the All Clad double burner grill pan, which was actually less expensive. The AC is perfect and I absolutely love it. It cooks perfect burgers and cleans up with a few wipes. Love it!

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well this is a follow up, I had a two day shoot out with my Calphalon one grill pan and my new calphalon stainless steel grill pan, since it was the first time cooking with both it was a fun test, first off the One pan had a sticker on the inside surface, after trying to clean the sticky glue off i had to use goo gone to get the job done then i washed it again and i was ready to go, well first off Saturday i cooked samon on both, and both did a good job, real nice grill marks, I have to say dont leave the skin on the samon, the mushroons and red peppers, didnt stick at all,i mean no stick at all, today for dinner i made steaks and red peppers, in the one pan, wow is all i can say, The steak really turned out great, much better then a nonstick, great stripes, It looked like the steak came off a outside grill, and the pan was easy to clean, better then i expected, I almost passed on this pan to get the calphalon one nonstick grill pan, I am now glad i didnt, This and the stainless both are keepers, oh by the way, i use the dome top off my All-Clad chef pan for a top, worked great the Stainless,

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well i am trying to see if there are any bugs in this Calphalon One grill pan, I have not found any so far. I grilled a large hamburger and some onions and this pan was and is impressive, I pulled the Burger and onions from the pan like it was non stick, when you then look at the pan, it looks like this stuff is really baked on, well i just pour a little water in the pan and in no time its clean. no hard scrubbing, after its clean i put in a few drops of liquid barkeepers friend , swish it around and rinse and your all set, I am so glad i passed on the calphalon one non stick pan, there is no good reason to have it

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