Is the clad Tramontina cookwar on Walmart website any good?

bothJanuary 26, 2008

I have never posted on this forum. I mostly post on rose forum. I do not know much about the cooking world. I am looking into getting some stainless steel and learned about clad 18/10. I can not afford All-clad but have seen cookware on Walmart's website that says it is clad tri-ply 18/10 stainless steel. How can they sell it so cheep compared to other brands? They specify that it goes up the sides. Any advise before I buy? Thanks Amy

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It may be all right, but WalMart is so big that it has many of it's suppliers make products specifically for WalMart, lower quality and lower cost. As a rule, I don't buy expensive electronics (TV, etc) from WalMart. For something like pots and pans they may be as good as the expensive branded cookware, WalMart may just be selling it for what it actually costs to make them.

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Don't know if it's the same, but I bought some Tramontina tri-ply pieces at TJMaxx a few years ago. Virtually identical to my All Clad stuff, except for a slight difference in the handles and lids. Same thickness and I can't tell any difference in performance. Good stuff!

Sidenote: I bought some cheap (3 pans for $12) Tramontina non-stick pans from Wal Mart about a dozen years ago. Don't use the larger ones anymore, but the little 7" egg pan is still going strong. Had it in the dishwasher, use metal tools, don't baby it at all. There are a few scuffs on the non-stick surface, but no scratches or flaking at all. So much for a "disposable" pan I figured would be good for maybe two years...

Tramontina makes some nice stuff. I wouldn't hesitate to try anything they sell, if it was the type of cookware I was looking for.

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It can be hard to go by name brand these days as maufacture's change things a lot faster than they used. With that warning I'll say that an American Kitchen Book from some years ago mentioned Tramontina as a good inexpensive to All-Clad which they seem to like a lot.
Sometimes a big retailer can get a good deal on something because they can guarentee volume and its good for the consumer. Somtimes a big retailer can get its own special line made that is made cheaper and sold cheaper with the same brand name appeal, not always a good deal for the consumer depending. How you figure it out is beyond me.

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