Big Steamer - All-Clad or what?

kashka_katJanuary 3, 2012

Does anyone know of a good clad-type pot plus steamer - in the 5-6 quart range? Seems to be lots of 3 quart choices but not much that are larger.

Thought I would get the LARGE 8 quart all-clad steamer insert to fit in 8 qt stockpot I got recently on sale (good deal)- so I ordered one from metro kitchen and... well it doesn't seem to fit all that snugly (compared to my old pots) and the handles don't quite match the 8 quart pot - seem a bit thicker. OK, I suppose that wouldnt be the end of the world but I'm kinda rethinking the size as well.

Does anyone have this All-clad combo? Is the loose fit of the steamer (and the lid too for that matter) a problem? I wouldn't want lots of steam escaping, rattling lid, etc.

In the meantime I'm thinking.... I sure wish I could find something more in the 5-6 quart range. Any suggestions?

My old steamer and pot was 6 quart and it was just the most perfect thing ever. Used that sucker almost daily - steam vegs & meat in the top, while rice cooked below. The layers of the base of the pot are peeling which is why I thought I'd get something new.

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Look at the Gourmet Triplyclad Collection from Tramontina. They might have something.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tramontina

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Nope JCW - they just have the usual 3 qt.size.

THIS MIGHT BE IT! Does anyone have this Le Creuset 5 1/2 qt multipot:

Would you assume by reading this that 5 1/2 qt. refers to the capacity of pot alone? Wonder what the steamer basket capacity is??? Not clear what the dimensions are referring to.

It's sad that I can't get this info from the seller. Not only is there no contact no. listed, even if there was - it's not like they can just go out to the warehouse, open a box, and measure it. The warehouse could be in another state entirely!

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