Vented vs. non-vented glass lids

Frankie_in_zone_7January 14, 2010

Thanks to all the previous posters, as I have really enjoyed reading previous posts and am learning a lot about cookware.

I've always had non-vented glass lids but have seen some that are vented. One of the points in favor, I have read, is not getting as steamed up so better visibility.

But, are there downsides? Like, does the vent let too much liquid escape or cause you to use a higher burner temp to compensate for evaporative heat loss? Or burn you if you get near the vent?

I cook a lot of rice and always try to use a pot with a "tight-fitting lid". So I thought a vented lid would work against me on that, but I see rice cookers themselves are usually vented.

I guess scientifically, if the pot is really boiling, the steam will get out anyway, versus if you have the burner on very low, you're not making much steam, so a vent is not making that worse. I found some pots I think I might like, but they have vented lids and since I don't have experience with that, I was trying to think how it would, or wouldn't, affect my cooking approach and results.

Any preferences or experiences to share?

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I don't want any lid to be "vented" if I want steam to escape I leave the lid ajar.
Linda C

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I agree with Linda, you could always leave the lid ajar. The purpose of the vent is to stop the lid rattling (as the steam is trying to push its way out)but the downside of having a hole in the glass is that it weakens it somewhat. Leanne

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I have a large saute' pan which has a vented glass lid. I really like them, as they prevent foods from boiling over. I'd love it if all my cookware had this feature.

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