Hot dog man and other munchies from Marigene!!!

jessyfJuly 22, 2006

AnnT I'm going to get you for this.

She matched me up with the CFer who brought us the Hot dog grilling man.

And its a good thing she did too, becaues Marigene put together a very personalized package for me. That woman must have the patience of Job to weed through all my irreverent posts to find out about me!

Marigene included a note that said 'Read last' so I followed her directions. Don't expect that in the future! She mostly followed the Âfive item rule. SheÂs now a true Cfer, bending over for the rules.

I knew I was in trouble when the box was about the size of one of those hot dog men. David, you showed us yours, now I'll show you ...lucky I had warned the kids this was coming. ooops sorry about that too.

Knowing I love , Marigene wrapped up all the goodies in my favorite color. Except the toolbox, labeled 'Jessy's Toolbox'. That was red  referring to real one I had said I keep . Marigene had filled this one with more practical - two blue silicone spatulas, a notepad with my name on it, a beautiful mortar and pestle for my favorite spices, an egg whisk that actually matches an egg separator I own, and a bottle of maple syrup from her native Vermont. Very cute stuff! IÂm actually going to use the tool chest to organize some of my loose ¼ cup Penzeys jars that I have tossed in a drawer.

Next items I opened was a set of beautiful square - the napkins go well with my current plates, and the new square ones will make great presentations for all the goodies IÂm going to make! DS #2 took great pride in arranging the plates and napkins on Mr. Hot Dog man.

Marigene, reading somewhere that I like regional stuff, also included some AMAZING that my DH was eyeing (PAWS OFF DH). She bought me Elderberry syrup (never had that, canÂt wait to try!), Blackberry preserves, and, get this, ÂWild Sunflower JellyÂ. Now THAT IÂve never heard of and will be the first for me to open. Oh yeah, and to go with my new cabana boy, you can see a jar of ÂJerk NutsÂ. Get it? Jerk nuts? Arr arr arr.

So thank you very much Marigene, my family had a GREAT time opening the box with me. Now watch my kids will start asking for hot dogs for dinner!

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Now that is just the perfect swap box for you Jessica. Well done Marigene.


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Jiggers! I just saw Weiner Man. My eyes! My eyes!

Ok, theatrics aside, I must say, this is a helluva fine group of nuts to stand with. And Marigene, you're a bad girl - with remarkable taste. Love the blue plates.

Jessica, I'll be checking the WFD thread over the weekend. Make me proud.


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Marigene you did good! I'm in hysterics over your hot dog man! You really gave it back to Jessy, big time! I like that you included some regional goodies and the nice plates, but you're going to be immortalized for that hot dog man. Thank you for giving us ammo for a long time! LOL!

Jessy, you've been matched! Ann, you're brilliant!!!

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Jessy, definitely a fun package for you.
Marigene, good job. I like those blue plates.


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You got Jessy good Marigene. I love those plates. Can't wait to hear about those preserves and syrup.


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Way to go Marigene! I don't want to know what weenie guy is doing behind those beautiful blue plates! I think the mortar and pestle is gorgeous, love how it fits in the whole bowl (I tried to use mine last night and the pestle is too tiny, way too much work.

Enjoy evil one!


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Sunflower jelly? What will they think of next?

Beautiful plates, neat little m&p, and that great Mr. Hot Dog Man! You did good, Marigene! Enjoy Jessy!

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Glad that everything got there safely! Am I gonna getted banned from CF now!

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Banned??? Marigene, anybody that can get one up on Jessy would not be banned...they would be immortalized, "Oh Champion of the CF!!!" That is a wonderful swap package, and that sunflower jelly is intriguing! But I absolutely adore the blue plates, and I the mortar and pestle is pretty cool too. You did very well! No comment about Mr. Hot Dog Man, lol.

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Very funny and very cool swap box Marigene. You did your research well.

I love the way the hot dog man is pointing to his thingy! LOL! Hysterical

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Marigene..very well thought! Funny and pretty and whimsical!
And delicious too..

That tool box is such a cute packaging idea.

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Marigene, you're my new hero.

Love the screwer.... I mean skewer. Great job, with some really unique items!

Jessica, enjoy everything, love the mini-me toolbox!

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Don't think for a minute that I missed weiner dude "standing tall" over the "tool" box! Jessy, naughti-naughti. I don't condom that behavior!

And Jerk Nuts to go with him?

Oh my! Marigene you rock!

Sunflower jelly? Um.

This is so much fun. I am happy to be back and to share in this frivolity.

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OMG Marigene, I'm laughing my head off here. I did think the toolbox might contain a "lubricant" (maybe sunflower oil), but that is just perfect. I love the plates too.

Marigene and I spoke about this particular swap and I thought Mr. Hot Dog Man would be perfect for Jessica. I didn't know then that she was going to be giving some to David.

Marigene, see what you've started here? We're going to have a forum full of people roasting weenies!


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Marigene, that weenie man is absolutely lacivious! He is even anatomically correct. And Jerk Nuts? Really!

I would go straight for the preserves and syrup, sweet hound that I am.

I like this box. Enjoy it all, Jessy.

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Marigene and Jessy - please email me and let me know where you got the weenie roasters - I really know of some deserving folks...

Great job Marigene - it couldn't have been easy trying to figure out how to "get" jessy!

Can't wait for pics Jessy - I think...great descriptions...:-)

Bubbe, I"m glad you're back,too.


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Hot Dog Man? I think I'm in love....

And you got cool plates, too Jessy, so you won't have to covet mine, hehe.

Great job Marigene!

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Ahem Annie that should have been Wesson oil. Its a good thing she didn't send me something like Kansas Yucca jelly or that would have been abbreviated to 'KY Jelly'.

Sol, I'll try to come up with something good for those dogs?

Sherry, 'getting one up on me', LOL, some have tried, only Marigene has succeeded!

Marigene, I warned everyone in that hot dog thread you started that I'd be getting one for my partner, bwahaha.

Stacy - I included clickable links in my text for the they not show up for you? On ebay, you can try a vendor called 'OriginalMrWoody'. I like his quality better than the ones I bought for David :-(. There are lots others like his, but ya have to be patient to search. The one Marigene sent me is unique, and there may even be a link to the seller on the hot dog thread below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Hot dog thread

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It didn't escape me that "Mr.Winky" shows up in every photo that Jessy took!
" I don't condom that behavior" LOLOLOL, Bubbe!

Seriously, what a great box-o-goodies! I love the mortar and pestle, and those blue plates and napkins are lovely!

Marigene, you rock, sista!


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If anyone does go on e-bay for the weenie roaster, watch out for seller matt4998. I ordered and paid for one from this guy over a month ago and still don't have it, and he doesn't respond to e-mail. I have filed a dispute with Paypal, hopefully that will resolve the problem....


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I wanna hot dog man, I wanna hot dog man!!! Heck, DH even wants a hot dog man ;)

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Here is the link to the e-bayer I got the weener man from. I am sure if you e-mail her she will respond. She didn't have any for sale when I contacted her but was nice enough to make sure I got it within 2 weeks. Her husband makes them when he isn't busy with his regular job.

Here is a link that might be useful: Weener man

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Okay I gotta see weiner man in action - Jessica, you and David should synchronize the weiner roasting and post pix together for us.

I want to know what the sunflower jelly is like - that's very unique. Great package Marigene!

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What'd suppose his day job is?

    Bookmark   July 22, 2006 at 4:55PM
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Renee here is the answer!
Yes, We'll have more. My husband usually makes about 50 at a time but it's the same way around here, once people see one they want one. We can always take orders but it might take a few weeks to fill it so make sure to have people email me in advance.... My husband owns his own business doing custom fabrication and stainless steel work so his work comes first and this is just a "side thing".
Kristin Ditter

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Perfect package for Jessy. I think you showed GREAT RESTRAINT with the tool box. Dying to know what sunflower jelly tastes like.

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This is a really fun box! The mortar and pestle is beautiful. Great job, Marigene!


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Gina, I was thinking the same thing, what about Jessy and David having a virtual "weenie roast," post pics and let us be the judge. WHO IS THE BEST WEENIE ROASTER!

Marigene, what a wonderful package, I want a mortar and pestle just like that.

Enjoy Jessy (but not to much!!!!)

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ROFLMAO, last swap it was someone who sent and received a tapas themed box. I think this paring is better. However let me set the record straight, i do not need a wiener man. I have enough problems with what Sebastian says with out one!!

Marigene, great job!! the plates are beautiful, the toolbox is inspired. Jessy I would say enjoy but i know you already are, after all I am betting as you unwrapped this you were thinking ahead to posting.


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Arrrgh I would LOVE to have a weenie roast with David at camp. Heh heh. BUT I don't think we can bring them on the planes with us! sniff sniff.

Yup Robin, I remember that one! Too funny!

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Yeah, just don't cross swords with Lakeguy at Canny Camp! Well, J, this is your just desserts. Great package. The plates are great. What a nice package. It's very cool, Marigene. Needless to say, Jessy, enjoy your weenies!

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What goes around comes around! LOL! I like your weenie man too Jessy! I'm good to go this weekend for the "challenge" may the best weenie man win! Great package you have there!! LOL at the toolbox...perfect size for the nightstand!


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Well Jessy-- I guess you got the perfect package ! Gosh who da thunk -- Marigene sure did her homework . Those plates are great Jesse & you really did earn that Hot Dog Man . Enjoy all your "goodies".

Way to go Marigene.


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maggie2094 sides are splitting...between weiner man and the jerk nuts....oh boy.

Okay, the egg whisk is too adorable - I like totally have to have one of those. The tool box is such a great idea! Way to go, Marigene!

Enjoy, Jessy! So, will the tool box be a tool box tool box or like a goodie drawer tool box?

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Marigene! Great package!! Super research!

Bubbe...ROFL!!!! at your comment!

Jessica....mmmm mmmm mmmm. Loved it all! Especially, OH NO, Mr. Hot Dog Man, who managed to sneak into the pix. So, how was that sunflower jelly?!!

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This is without a doubt the funniest swap box. I love that little man!

We had a new store open up called The Jerk Center and my friend asked me what did I think it was. I told her it was a Sperm Bank. Boy did we get into a fit of laughing!!

    Bookmark   August 2, 2006 at 8:49PM
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The Jerk Center? As if that needs a title! How to find a place dedicated to jerks? Oh, be proud my species!! No center needed, you cannot hide, you have legions on your side.

LOL, a Sperm bank? Please tell'em all to cross the street; they need not breed! They own the gene pool as it is.

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It's actually a restaurant and I guess they serve a lot of foods with Jerk Seasoning in them. Oh my I'm laughing so hard.

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I just opened the jar of Sunflower Jelly a couple of nights ago...Marigene wanted me to post how it tasted. DH came up with the perfect description: Clover Honey, with a splash of lemon juice. Its a winner!

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