Karen (trixietx)....it's just wonderful

msafirsteinJuly 26, 2006

This is my first swap and I had so much fun buying for my Swap Partner but today when I opened Karen's box...well it could not have arrived at a better time and it was just perfect. She did an awesome job and I absolutely love everything.

Below is a copy of Karen's (trixietx) letter describing the box and my responses are in ()s.

Hi Michelle,

I had a very difficult time figuring out a theme for your swap package. I know you bought a new kitchenaid mixer in citron for when your kitchen is finished. I know you like to bake and read on one of your posts that you like to bake pies.

I thought I was on to a theme, citron in color and baking items. I ordered the le crueset pie dish in citrus. I got it in and it looked to gold, I looked on the internet again at your mixer and couldn't decide if the color was more yellow or green. So that shot the theme all to he**.

So I guess your theme is "Stuff in a box."

But it is categorized:

Homemade-in multi-color dot wrapping:

Wild Plum Jelly-The plums grow wild and are so tart, but make good jelly.

Squash-Zucchini Relish-Squash and Zucchini from my garden

Apricot-Jalapeno Jelly-Jalapenos and peppers from my garden

I live in the Texas panhandle in a small town and we don't have access to T.J's or Penzy's and I always feel a little bad for my partner. I wish I could send some of the cool food items, but I have to rely on homemade.

(I LOVE homemade, homemade anything, and have not had homemade jelly since I was a kid and my Mom would make strawberry jam every year! I am so thrilled that you sent me not just 1 homemade jelly BUT THREE different kinds!! DH was home when I opened the box and the first thing he said was "You're getting bagels on Friday, right?" We are both looking forward to a wonderful weekend of homemade jelly and bagels and I even bought a new coffee today to go along with the treats! I can't wait for Sunday morning when I can sleep in and wake up to homemade jelly and bagels! Thank you so much for these, I am rather humbled that you would send me so much that took you so long to grow and prepare and I appreciate it more then I could ever tell you in words.)

For the kitchen-in lilac ribbon

2 high heat spatulas-I just love these and thought maybe you would too if you don't already have some and if you are like me I can always use more. I don't like the ones with the wooden handles because I like to put them in the dishwasher.

Microfiber kitchen towels and washcloth-Another of my favorites

Method Cucumber dishwashing liquid-I order this for myself and I love it, so I ordered some for you.

(I think you may be a bit telepathic as I was just looking at spatulas the other day! And I am in desperate need of new ones too. I have never seen High Heat Spatulas before and can't wait to try them out!! The microfiber cloths are my favorites but I have not seen the kitchen towels or washcoths before, so these could not be more appreciated especially due to the remodel dust that is never ending! I like Method laundry detergent but had not seen the dishwashing liquid before. It smells heavenly and I love the shape of the bottle!)

For your new baking center-in yellow wrapping:

Pie beads-Again, something I like and use a lot. I make a lot of cream pies and they sure help the crust from shrinking while it is baking.

Madagascar Vanilla-I hope it is good, I have never used it, but it is supposed to be.

Le Creuset pie dish-As you know.

(Pie beads....OMG, another thing I was just looking at. YOU ARE TELEPATHIC! Another too fun toy that I know work well as I remember my Aunt using them and she made the best pie crust ever!!! :)) I am so picky about my vanilla that DH makes fun of me, so the Madagascar Vanilla is just too lusious for words and the smell is delightful. I can't wait to make my Cream Cheese Cookies with this!!! The Le Creuset Pie Dish is beautiful and I love the color and can't think of any pie that would not look...oh so much better in this dish! It is gorgeous and I think I might make a pie this weekend! Maybe a Cocoanut Cream pie and then I can try out the vanilla too!)

I have enjoyed shopping for you and I hope you can use what I sent. I am sorry to be among the last in sending my package, I have just been so undecided.

Hope your remodel is going as planned, it sounds like your kitchen is going to be just perfect. I know you must be excited and anxious.

Your CF swap partner,

Karen (trixietx)

(Your package came just at the right time for me. When the USPS truck arrived today, I was standing in my driveway taking pictures of the construction process. When the mailman handed me the packages, I have to admit I was a bit confused. Due to our extensive remodel, I get packages almost daily but was not expecting anything this week, hadn't bought anything on Ebay recently, doorknobs are not due until next week, kitchen sink is still on backorder.....so what is this anyway???? I brought the packages into the house and then it dawned on me just what it was....LOL! As I said DH was there and watched as I opened everything up and he even ran for the camera to get pictures of everything. I love everything and you could not have done a better job on a swap box for me. I am thrilled, absolutely THRILLED!

Thank you so much for making my day!!)


I posted the pictures of Karen's Box at the link below and they are in the Summer Swap Folder. Please excuse the background in the pictures. Due to the remodel we are camped out in the basement now and there was not much choice in a nice layout for the pictures (notice the stack of newspapers for packing in the background....UGH!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Karen's Swap Box

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I agree 3 homemade delacies is really generous! And the pie dish is lovely. Any pie will taste better in that. A great package for a baker, you did well.

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Karen is a great swap partner! I loved the homemade goodies she sent me in a previous swap. That pie plate is lovely and now I have to look into the Method products.

Enjoy your first swap box, Michelle!

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Oh Karen, what a great job you did on this swap box!

Michelle, Yum, you will love the Madagascar vanilla. It's lucious!

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The pie dish is just the icing on the box:) How nice everything is!

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That Madagascar vanilla is just like gold! I have a bottle that same size and it is such a luxury to use it in my baking now instead of that old Durkee brand I used to buy. Lucky you! The Le Creuset pie dish is to die for! But, after received a swap package from Karen myself, I have to tell you that her homemade stuff is just the best! That wild plum jelly is fabulous! You got a great package. Good job Karen!

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Karen did a great job considering, as she claims, not to have access to "the" stores of choice. You can't find those homemade items in a store!

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Karen, you did a great swap box.......Madagascar vanilla is the best! Homemade jellies and relish, and that beautiful pie plate, wow. Even dish cloths and towels for cleanup! Enjoy it all, Michelle.

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Karen is an amazing swapper!

I've been the lucky recipient of her homemade goodies and they rival or exceed any gourmet store's. Love the Le Creuset pie dish ~ enjoy & have fun, Michelle!

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You had to rely on homemade?? Snort. If people still did homemade, TJ's would go out of business. Homemade is the ultimate. I love the pie pan!

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Pie beads? That's something I've considered trying myself, what a good idea.

I love the shape of that soap bottle and homemade goodies are always so personal.

Trixie sure packed a nice box. Congratulations, Michelle.


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"I live in the Texas panhandle in a small town and we don't have access to T.J's or Penzy's and I always feel a little bad for my partner. I wish I could send some of the cool food items, but I have to rely on homemade.

Alrighty then, we need a reality check: who, I ask, who on this forum wouldn't want homemade? Huh? Who? Speaking of treasures!! Yummy!

I was thinking that Karen sent you a bag of pearl necklesses until I read on.. Pie beads are great. Now, what time is dessert? I am a very good pie baker, fruits, that is so a nice wedge of coconut cream pie would be a treat.

I don't know about you, Michelle, but my spatulas get mungy easily from airborn grease and they frequently need to be replaced. I just bought new ones for my move..love the high heat ones...no more eggs and rubber omlettes!

Thoughtful and lovely swap box.

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Homemade trumps store bought anyday Trixietx!
Enjoy all the lovely baking items Michelle!


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I looooove that pie plate - it's going on my list. I'm still using my Mom's old pyrex plates which are fine - just not nearly as pretty. And real pie weights, if I got some of those, I could chuck the 5-year-old bag of garbanzo beans that I've been using. Great package - the wild plum jelly sounds fabulous!

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Michelle, that's an absolutely terrific package.
Karen, fantastic choices. Makes me want to buy a new pie plate and pie beads.


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Oh, Michelle, I'm so glad you got such a great package after the wonderful job you did sending to me!!! You definitely deserve it!

Pie beads...perfect. I always say I'm going to pick some up but it's one of those things you just never get around to. Enjoy them in your new pie plate along with all those other goodies!

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Karen, you're a heck of a prolific swapper. And Michelle, I can promise that you'll love the Madagascar Vanilla.


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Karen, I'd take homemade any ole day, Ann has my address!

Love that pie plate and it's just so perfect for Michelle, as is the vanilla, as is everything!!!

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Lovely package Karen! Michelle, when all your construction is finished and you are enjoying your new home and kitchen, you'll look back on camping out in the basement with a chuckle or two!

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Karen, RELY on homemade??? I think just about everyone on this forum feels honored to receive homemade items from our partners! And three jars, no less!

That pie plate is gorgeous! Michelle,looks like you have lots to enjoy!


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Oh lucky you to get goodies made by Karen . The pie plate is beautiful and the beads are such a good idea-- one of those things that are so useful & we seldom buy for ourselves . And the other items round out the package well .

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Michelle, I love your description. You got everything BUT that darn kitchen sink. lol

I love the lc pie plate. What a wonderful assortment of goodies. You pack a nice box, Trixie!

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Great package, Trixie! I really love that pie plate. Great color! Enjoy all the goodies, Michelle!

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Trixie, homemade cannot be beat! I love the pie plate and you peaked my curiosity about the Method products, a cool bottle!

Michelle, enjoy those goodies. Hope your remodels is done soon!


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Thanks everyone and I am enjoying my goodies. I tried the Method detergent today and it is great and it smells so good.

I did send Karen a private note but I am afraid she did not receive it. I've had trouble with the GW E-mail system before.

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Karen, that is a fabulous box, i think the homemade is better then TJ's any day. Although that may be sour grapes on my part as we don't have one either. I am jealous of the wild plums. I would love a chance to can with those.

I agree on the high heat spatulas they are the best. I also don't like the wooden handle ones. My favorite ones are the Oneida ones but I cannot find them any more. That pie plate is beautiful. But then again I have a thing for Le Creuset.

Great job! Enjoy Michelle!


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What a lovely swap box. Karen, I love your theme "Stuff in a Box". And I agree that the beautiful pie plate is the icing on the cake.


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That is a fantastic box. What I wouldn't give to try the wild plum jelly. Love the pie beads, It's just a great, all-around package. Lucky you!

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Wonderful box of treats Karen. Homemade things are always appreciated. Love the pie plate also.

Michelle I hope to see a picture of that pie soon. Enjoy that great package.


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YUM yum yum!

You are going to LOVE that Vanilla!

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I like the pie plate -- and I need some of those high heat spatulas! Nice swap box -- enjoy!

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Homemade! That's the real treasure, not TJ's or Penzeys! Lucky you Michele! I'm going to have to look for the high heat spatulas with metal handles. DH and DS refuse to use the spoon rest and melt the handles on the side of the pan.

You just cannot replace real vanilla. Such a treat to get such a big bottle, and I can only imagine how beautiful your pies will look in that Le Creuset! Hang in there in the remodel--it's oh so worth it in the end!

Great package Karen!

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Wonderful swap package! I love the pie dish!

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First class EVERYTHING!

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oooh, lucky you with HOMEMADE stuff! Yum!

Great package Karen - you did good!


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Wild Plum Jelly, I wonder if that is like Beach Plum Jelly? Love the pie plate and from all the comments I'm going to be buying some Madagascar Vanilla.
Another great package.

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Michelle, you are so welcome. You are so sweet to send a Thank you note and a very nice email.

I always feel like my partner is shorted, because I always get the best package, but you make me feel better.

I hope you enjoy your package because I enjoyed putting it together for you!

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Karen, that is one fine swap box and the homemade items are the best part. I know from past swaps... thanks Sharon, Bubbe, Diana, and Mique!! I wish I was half as talented as most on this forum. Michelle you are one lucky gal, enjoy!!


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The high-heat spatulas are great! I love the homemade items! Can't beat them! Pie Beads...love them! The microfiber cloths...great! Le Crueset! Fabulous swap box here! Enjoy your goodies!!

Karen...super job! I loved it all! Especially the homemade items!!

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