WANTED: Thank you Lars........again!!

dgkritchJune 28, 2011

First an explanation. I posted photos of my swap box and did something stupid. One of them showed my full address.

Several here on the forum were on top of it and watching out for me........THANK YOU...You KNOW who you are!!

The post was removed (to protect the dingy..LOL).

It really does take a village........

I had saved the original post and am reposting below, but I don't have the first few responses.

Thank you Redoux:

I picked up the mail on my way out today and there was a box from Lars!

I had to WAIT! To open it until I got home.

Under a layer of bubbles I see bright packages and a letter:

A beautifully written letter from Lars describing all of his thought process in selecting gifts. Every one is just perfect.

First, there are Meyer Lemons from his backyard tree. Each individually wrapped and tucked into a bright, sunny yellow bag! The whole thing had such a wonderful lemon scent when I opened it. There�s a recipe for Shaker Lemon Pie too. Lemon pie (usually Lemon Meringue) is one of my favorites. I don�t like the meringue. This pie has macerated lemons and eggs. Yep, that�s it: crust, lemons, sugar, eggs. It sounds sooooo good and I can�t wait to try it. It�s as if you knew lemon was my favorite, Lars!!

Next is an awesome Japanese Mandolin with a DVD of Martha Stewart making a Crab Salad with the mandoline. I haven�t watched it yet, but I love crab (and have access to very fresh Dungeness). I�m watching the video as soon as I�m finished posting this.

Lars, you had no way of knowing that I donated my last (cheapo) mandoline to St. Vinnie�s and have kicked myself since. Many, many times I�ve wished I had one. The cheapo was frustrating so I didn�t use it. I am anxious to try this one since you have had good results.

Lastly a fantastic cookbook (perfect for me, Lars). It has stories, history and recipes from Texas and is called Texas Cowboy Cookbook. I love to read and especially love cookbooks that combine history and stories about the area or recipes. This will be like a novel with recipes tucked in for me. I grew up pretty country�.my horse got me to friends� houses, to the little local convenience store (very, very little). Yes, they allowed us to tie the horse outside while we shopped. My brother still team ropes.

And���to add to the perfection���..I�m hosting a family reunion at my house in August and will have somewhere between 15-50 here��

Our theme??? Western. Wanted Poster photos, BBQ pork, lemonade, iced tea, hay bales, horseshoes and cow pie golf (i.e Frisbee golf with a paint job�.hee hee).

I�m certain there�ll be a recipe or five from the cookbook.

The whole shebang!

Lars, thank you so much! There was no reason to second guess your choices, everything is perfect!! It�s almost as if you had some connection other than what I�ve posted.

You can be my swap partner ANY time!


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I don't understand the fear about having an address show up in a photo - I post my full address on the web, along with phone numbers, and think nothing about it. I think you have nothing to worry about and am sorry you had to take down the original thread. I remember the days when people had their addresses published in the phone book, although I will say that I do not do that any more. A photograph of an address on a post here should not really cause you to be alarmed. If it had been text instead of a photo, there may have been more cause for alarm, but I think it is best to keep these things in perspective.
I very much appreciate your re-posting this message!


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Lars' gift to you Deanna is worth posting twice.

I think removing your full address was the right thing to do. Better safe than sorry.

I know you are going to enjoy using the mandolin. I hope you will share some recipes from the cookbook.


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It's certainly worth commenting on. I'd love that cookbook. It really looks fun. We have a mandolin like that and I don't use it that much but it sure does the job when I do. I've started to use it more lately. Those Meyer lemons really appeal to me. I hope to get to try some one day. Great gifts! Enjoy!

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I still love it!! and great catch on the address...

Lars, those Meyer lemons are a special treat! a real piece of your garden.

Enjoy, LPink!!

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I'm happy to know that I'm not going crazy! I read the post when I was really busy and didn't have time to go back to respond. Then when I went back, it was gone. Fresh Meyer lemons are such a treat. Well done, Lars. That cookbook does look like fun. Be sure to come back to post a favorite recipe from it. My only comment about the mandoline... I love mine, but make sure to use the guard... ask me how I know :)


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OOh....fresh Meyer lemons and a mandolin to slice them with!
And the recipe for the pie!

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Thanks for that tip, Ann! I'll be sure to use the guard.
The mandoline awaits...

I'm loving the lemons. I have plans to use the rest this weekend in the Lemon Shaker Pie and some lemon curd to top an angel food cake.

I've read the cookbook cover to cover already and have several pages marked.....


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My DH is afraid of our mandoline. He finger has grown back, thank goodness. I love mine and I am using it today for sliced cucumbers. Can't wait to see recipes from that cookbook, it looks great. We have a lemon tree but no Meyers, what a treat! Enjoy everything, Deanna!

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Yes, the guard is mandatory unless you want to chance things not growing back! Most of the guards move and let the stuff get pretty darn close at the end so there is very little waste, certainly not enough to take a chance of using it without. Never hurts to emphasize safety with those things. Smiles. Still coveting the Meyer Lemons...heh..

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Great things! How thoughtful of you, Lars, to send the Meyer lemons. Deanna, that Shaker lemon pie sounds delicious.

I have a similar mandolin and use it frequently, yes you do have to be a little careful, but it certainly makes fast work slicing things.

The cookbook looks like pure fun - can't wait to hear more about your family reunion when it happens.


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I thought I HAD posted on this thread but don't see it. Oh well.

Lars, what a great swap package. I have never tried Meyer lemons and those look so good.

I love my mandolines - yes I have 2 - and also LOVE my cutting glove which help keep all my appendages attached to my body with skin intact LOL. Perfect for slicing all those lemons

Can't wait to see some recipes from the book

Here is a link that might be useful: cutting gloves

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Thanks for that link to the cutting gloves - I bought some "cut protection" gloves at Home Depot, but I don't know whether they are meant for kitchen use. I'm going to try them anyway, as they fit very nicely.

I'm really glad that you like the lemons - my other choice was to get some Kevlar gloves to go with the mandoline, but I thought the lemons would be more personal. It's hard being restricted to three items!

The cookbook is more fun than practical, but it does have some good tips. I think Texas cuisine still has a way to go before it is accepted as much as Cajun cuisine, for example, but there are some recipes in the book that I actually make.


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Yes, it is hard to be restricted to three items, Lars, but you done good. Fresh Meyer lemons....mmmmm. I love the cover on that cookbook.

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I think Lars nailed this box perfectly and the lemons are just an added and very personal bonus.

Enjoy it all, and let us know about that party! I don't suppose you'll be wanting to take pictures? (grin)


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Update: The Shaker Lemon Pie was to die for! I took it to a church potluck on Sunday and thought some of those "good-Christians" were going to battle for the last piece.
It's VERY easy.

Slice 2 lemons very, very thinly (I kind of let them get too soft and the mandoline didn't like that...grin).
Add 2 cups of sugar and macerate overnight in the fridge.
The next day, add 4 beaten eggs and mix well.
Pour into pie crust, top with second crust and bake at 350 degrees for ~45 minutes or until knife comes out clean.

I made lemon curd from 2 more lemons.

Served with angel food and fresh strawberries. No pics……..we gobbled it up!

Maybe this weekend I’ll try a recipe from the cookbook.

Of course I'll be taking party pictures, Annie.....
Whether or not I post them is a whole 'nother question. :)


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Yum!!! That pie is gorgeous! -maria

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It looks like you made good use of those lemons! I'm sad to say that I do not have enough lemons left, as I would like to try that Shaker lemon pie. I've never made it, but I figured it would be pretty good with Meyer lemons, since they have an edible rind that is not bitter. I'll put it on my list for next season, however. Thanks so much for posting those pictures of the pie and lemon curd.


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