Can't see pictures

sapphiresOctober 4, 2011

Hi, Using Windows 7 Home

Could be coincidence but ever since I got the folloeing updates I can't see some pictures. Where the pic should be is a square with 2 blue dots and what looks like a small red triangle. Updates I got today are:

Update for W & KB2547666, Kb2545698, Kb2529073,KB982018 Aso W Svc Pack 1 KB9766932. Now if the updates aren't the problem and your going to tell me to update Flash then please tell me how to find it to do so. If t is flash can I just update or does it have to be removed and then updated. Thanks. Noticed this problem while in Facebook if that helps. Could it just be facebook

problem? Thanks ever so much for any help.

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It could be just Facebook so I'd wait for a bit. In the mean time here is link, that may be helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: -pictures

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It was facebook yesterday. I was seeing picture issues too. Seems to be resolved today.


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