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tpag2000January 1, 2012

This feels like a silly question to be asking here, but I just can't come to a decision for whatever reason. I recently upgraded to an induction cooktop (36" Bosch 500 series) and am loving it. I knew going in that many of my pots and pans likely wouldn't work (cheaper and older stainless that wasn't magnetic "enough"). I decided to take the opportunity to downsize the set of pots and pans I had while upgrading to some nicer and induction compatible models. I think I have just about everything I need for now with the exception of a "medium" sized stock pot. What I'm stuck on is deciding between an 8-qt (probably with a pasta insert) or a 12-qt. Right now I have 2 pots that fit the "stock pot like" category a 6.5 qt Le Creuset dutch oven and a 16 qt Le Creuset stock pot (enameled steel). I rarely use the 16-qt pot because it is just a monster, but it comes in handy when I make very large batches of soups or boil shrimp indoors.

In the transition I lost a 6-qt stock pot and an 8-qt "pasta pot". I think the 6.5 qt dutch oven is going to be my new "go to" pot for many of the things I cook (lot's of gumbo's, stews, chili, etc) which I previously made in the 6-qt stock pot. I need a pot for making pasta and the 8-qt would surely be big enough most of the time (family of 4). I have mixed feelings about the pasta inserts. The one I had didn't reach down far enough so you needed more water than you would otherwise which led to boiling over and spitting, but they are very convenient for easy straining. On the other hand, the 12-qt would be large enough for me to make a large batch of gumbo without having to resort to the 16-qt. The 16-qt always feels too big to me, but it has it's uses when I need to feed a large crowd, or am making extra for freezing.

What do I do to make this seemingly simple decision?

FYI, I'm looking at these after reading some reviews here and at the walmart site:





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Try posting on the Cooking Forum. You'll get more responses. It's a little slow here.

Here is a link that might be useful: cooking forum

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You say you want a "stock pot"....but what you are taking about is a Dutch oven.
If you really want a stock pot, to boil up bones and stuff to make stock....go with the 16 quart...which you have.
Get the 8 qt spaghetti pot with the insert....and make sure it has a clad bottom so you can use it for soups as well.
Linda c

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