Grill pan size and shape

dmloveJanuary 22, 2007

What would be the advantage/disadvantage of a grill pan that's basically shaped like a frying pan (has sides) vs. a grill pan that's flat (no sides). Lodge makes both and I'm trying to figure out which to get.

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I love Lodge products. I have all sorts of cookware, but I recently returned to cast iron for a number of functions. The shape that is best depends upon what you plan to grill in the pan. Some find things like pancakes are easy to lift off the pan if it doesn't have sides. Think spatula angles. On the other hand, if you're grilling things that are likely to drip, say steaks, it's nice to have the sides. Even wells at the edges of flat pans don't always retain all the grease. This is especially true when it's time to lift the grill pan off of the stove.

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Thanks - that makes sense. I'm going to get the one with sides, because the whole point is to be able to cook a chicken breast, or a steak, or a piece of fish in the pan once in awhile.

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