Bakers Catalog--Anyone order from here?

kitchendetectiveJanuary 13, 2007

I received a Baker's Catalog from King Arthur Flour. It looks like it has some worthwhile items: good-looking stainless steel cookware, terra cotta that can be used on the cooktop, King Arthur flour, 10" dough scrapers among them. Have you ever used this company? What is your experience?

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PRICEY. I ordered from them because I wanted to stock up on their King Arthur flour. They are definitely not the cheapest. If you see anything other than the exclusive flour you like, then I suggest checking the prices on Amazon which has free shipping.

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Yes, they're full retail but they have some stuff that's hard to find elsewhere.

Good quick service. I've had good experiences with them and will continue to do business with them.

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Which brings me to my next question: Is KA flour really better than what I can buy in the store?

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Absolutely. And you can buy KA flour in the store. I buy their unbleached all-purpose, unbleached bread, and artisan in our local Stop & Shop. Shop Rite and A & P carry some of theirs, as well.

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I've not seen it in my rural, local store, but I shall try to find it next time I am in a larger city. Thank you for all your responses.

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We have been and will continue to purchase items from KA catalog. Our orders have always been correct and recieved in a timely fashion. Their flours are awesome and while we can purchase the 5lb bags at our local supermarkets, they don't carry the 25lb bags. We order them from the catalog. We do lots of baking! We have ordered flours, flavorings, caramel, chocolate, utensils, cookie molds and cutters and more. Never a problem with anything. They are a great company. NancyLouise

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I second NancyLouise's glowing recommendation ;o) I order baking utensils, specialty items (flavorings, sugars, Bakewell Cream, etc.) from them. I ordered my Viking stand mixer from them last year when they had free shipping on it. One thing that's great about their ordering process is the fact that they charge shipping based on incremental weights, not on items. So if you order an item that weighs (for instance) 2.5 pounds and the shipping "level" is based on 2-3 pounds, they will let you know the items you can order that won't cost you extra in shipping. Good for you, and good for them...a good marketing ploy, but it works. They have always been very helpful, and you can actually speak to a baker in their test kitchen. They will give you feedback and honest opinions. I've never had a bad experience ordering from or dealing with them.

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