Kitchen Cookware Catastrophy

sailfishJanuary 22, 2005

We've been argueing about this from about one year after we got married and it's been ongoing since... Been 26 or 27 Years now. What has happened is we got some lovely discount kitchenware for Wedding gifts and a some "handmedowns" that somehow fell into the family heirloom catagory. The house underwent a major restoration and I went the distance and brought new AllClad cookware and similar quality knives and utencils into the mix. Be Warned! Just let her find one "Rubber" roast carving fork in the rubbush. Man-o-Man! Ridding the kitchen of the clutter is a three step process. First I have to move the offending rubbish to into a situation where it becomes a visual topic and provide upgrades to lessen the fallout. Better not throw it out either. Serious bodily harm may take place.. So I bag it up and move it to the well cluttered area in the basement where the stuff ages. 5 years is about right to begin "Phase Three" of the anti cluttering process. Next I wait till she's out shopping and move the bags to the rubbish pick-up area on trash day. When she returns from her outing she always seems to see a pan handle through the bag which prompts further investigation resulting in a massive argument that ends in finding out that she threw out my camera or something. I'll never understand why it's so hard to let go of junk. But for me it's worth the effort... Even at the expense of a sacrificial camera or fishing reel.... Boy! what a ride!

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My dad is the same way....with everything in his house. Let me put it this way - He has a seven car garage with one car in it...

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